Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Men's E-Guide to Be The Ultimate Gentleman of 2015 at vouchercloud

"When I shop the world gets better, the world is better and then it is not so I need to do it again". Well, who doesn't love to shop? I don't know about you guys but honestly I love shopping. You know there's always a "but" in everything. The "but" in every shopaholic's mind is the budget and the price. We fall in love with so many products but we buy one or two of them or hardly buy just keep browsing. Well, not to worry. There's one solution to your problem and the solution's name is vouchercloud .

Yes, vouchercloud is such a place where you get coupons for every site starting from Flipkart to Amazon. Yes, for each of your favorite sites. Not only we girls love fashion but the young boys of our generation and the metrosexual men are getting attached to it as well. We know that today's gentlemen look is not only limited to suits and boots but also extends to casual wear and colour that speaks comfort with individuality. Whether getting ready for college or office or dressing up for parties or just a casual day out, you will find them fighting with their wardrobe. There are so many questions in mind like what pair to wear? What pair of shoes to wear? What to accessorize with? And the “what”s just pile up. There are so many posts and tips and tutorials out there that you ultimately get confused with and you actually fail to figure out anything. I have this one stop solution for all the fashion conscious men out there.

vouchercloud presents to you their Eguide- the Onestop solution to all your questions related to Men;s Fashion. They have this cool fashion guide where you can clear your confusions and dress up accordingly to the day, keeping in mind the occasion and season. This Eguide will prove to be an absolute wonder for you, if you are a guy and for those ladies who want the men in their lives to be updated with the latest trends-trust me. Let me give you a bit of hint about what kind of questions it answers:
What to wear at office? What kind of formals? What to wear on a day out? What fabric? What colour ?How to accessorize? What pair of shoes to go for? And many more questions that any fashion conscious individual will go through.
The answers are provided in respect to choosing the basics of Formal Wear:
Suits: How you can choose the best suit for the occasion keeping in mind the colour, fabric, weight and stitch?
Trousers: How you can pick your ideal trousers keeping in mind the Cloth, fit, leg length &style
Shirt: What is the best shirt for you on the basis of collar, cuffs & fitting
Tie: Which tie is just perfect for you in respect to quality, length, width & colour

Some pointers on choosing Casual Wear: How can you choose the best T-shirt and Jeans to stand apart.

The guide to accessorize is also very impressive with tips on utility and pointers on the right one according to body shape, structure and height too.

The guide to use the ideal grooming products has been prepared keeping in mind individual skin/hair and needs in mind.
If you are the one who would like to be a perfect gentleman of 2015, you Don't have to look further, just follow this vouchercloud Eguide and be the fashion icon.

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