Friday, July 17, 2015

MSM July Express Box Unboxing, Review

Hola guys!! Hope you all are doing great. Ok, today I am very very excited as I am going to review something which I never tried before and this is the first time I got my hands on it. Its the July MSM Express box. So, without further ado let's get into it.

About Msm Box: MSM stands for My Style Mile. began in 2012 as a beauty & fashion blog, with the aim of providing quality content to its readers, and of keeping them updated with the latest trends in India and abroad.

However the co-founder and chief editor, Bindu (a self-confessed beauty junkie herself!) soon realized that more was needed than just content. She realized how difficult and inefficient it was to sift through innumerable beauty brands in the market and to figure out which one to buy. Thus was born the idea of a curated beauty box service. was finally launched in Oct 2014.

Simply put, is a discovery e-commerce platform that offers consumers the opportunity to buy, try and enjoy beauty brands in the market.

Msm box have a number of boxes to choose from in every range.
For a nominal subscription of either ₹ 495/- for the MSM Express Box or ₹ 995/- for the MSM Select Box, every month, you get a surprise goodie box containing beauty, grooming and lifestyle products from new and established beauty brands, and then some! There's also two more newly launched boxes- The Msm Bulldawg Box which is for men. It contains grooming kit and accessories for men and it retails for ₹1495. The other one is The diva box which focuses only on makeup and it retails for ₹1995. Isn't that amazing?

Now lets take a look in my box.

Their motto is "A lot in a little".

The one that I got is the Msm Express Box for the month of July.
Price:- ₹495 and it has contents total worth ₹1005. (Yes I calculated the total amount. )

Packaging: The box came in a cardboard box and the cardboard box was further packed in a moisture retentive pack.

Product: Inside the cardboard box lay the most awaited box and I was so excited to see it-The Msm Express July Box. Yayyyy!!! I love the color combination of the box. The cover of the box is a lovely rose pink color whereas the bottom part is a beautiful brownish grey color. It took my heart.The products were covered in a paper which says "A Lot In a Little". On opening there was three cards. One had a list and prices of the products and the quantity given. Another is a discount coupon for Abiza and the third is a donation card for an Ngo called Soham. Also ₹10 from every order is being donated for the education of orphaned and underprivileged kids. So, please buy this box. Now, let's take a sneak peak what's inside:

1. Kronokare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo Mediterranean Citrus: ₹105 for 60ml

2. Kronokare Hydrate & Untangle Conditioner Mediterranean Citrus: ₹115 for 60 ml.

3. Bio Bloom Mint Lip Balm: ₹90 for 8gm.

4. Roots professional Morocvita Oil: I got a 5 ml sample priced for ₹125 and the full size 40ml retails for ₹995.

5.Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Eye Shadow in the shade Moonlight: ₹275 for 2gm.

6.Baali Earrings: ₹295.

So, that was all in my Msm July Express box. Calculate the value of all the products yourself and say whether it is worth buying or not? The sizes mentioned above are the same sizes that are in the box. All the products are awesome. My favourite is the eyeshadow and the pair of earrings. The eyeshadow is a beautiful shimmery shade that is enough to make you look beautiful and can be used as a highlighter as well. The pair of earrings are so fascinating. I'm falling over head and heels for it. It can go with any outfit anytime. Just loving the box. Don't think peeps, just go and grab the box.

Let me know if you want me to review any of this products. I would love to do so.
To know more about MSM boxes and to book your box head to their website.

By Airene

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