Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The #MoroccanExperience at Lakme Absolute Salon

A lazy Sunday afternoon can actually be turned to a superb one, if you want to get a feel of Morocco. Well, it is not that difficult as Lakme Aboslute Salon offers the rich experience of the traditional Moroccan Beauty secret, The Moroccan Argan Oil. So, you get a taste of their service, at the salon, that would be specifically selected according to the kind of hair you have.

Last Sunday, I have been to the Lakme Aboslute Salon at Bandra to get the feel of the #MoroccanExperience. At the salon I was treated cordially by the Moroccan Oil Team, led by the very friendly and awesome Dimpi Patange. Dimpi checked my hair and suggested I go for the Hydrating Weightless Spa, that is specifically designed for dry frizzy hair that suffers from thinning.

The Charges of the Moroccan Oil Hair Spa is Rs.2400/-

The Moroccan Oil Hair Spa started with the Cleansing of the hair, using the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo. With the powerful antioxidant properties of Argan oil and the richness of Vitamin E, the Hydrating Shampoo help to retain moisture, while making the hair healthy, vibrant and shiny.

The second step is conditioning, where the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner was appliedfrom the mid-lengths to the end after squeezing out the excess water from the hair and left for 2 minutes.

The 3rd step is the most important and the replenishing experience where the Moroccan Oil mask needs to be applied. Fr my my fine dry hair the mask used was Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask. This 5 /minute revival treatment does extra conditioning for dry hair. I saw how Dimpi mixed 2 -3 drops of the Moroccan Oil Treatment n Light along with the mask.

My hair was towel dried and the mask was combed through the hair strands for an even distribution. I was given a very relaxing massage afterwards, while the product was allowed to absorbed in my hair. The best thing about the Moroccan Oil Mask is you do not require any heat or steam for the product to work. The mix of the Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask along with Moroccan Oil Treatment in Light helps to add shine and elasticity.

Afterwards, my hair was blast dried and crunched to retain the natural curls and only worked to give a smooth texture on the crown area, making it fall as a bang on the forehead. I liked the style, but given my very fine hair, I thought an overall smoothening would have been better to give it an appearance of a more voluminous hair.

My overall #MoroccanExperience was a very nice one. My hair had become very smooth and soft. I would definitely love to try the range, specially the Moroccan Oil Treatment in Light. The Moroccan Oil products are available at Lakme Absolute Salon.

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