Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Super 10 Playlist for a #MaxFreshMove

I am a person, who has varied likes when it comes to music. Often I have heard people saying, they like a particular type of music, but for me it is entirely my mood that decides what kind of music will make me happy at that moment. But when it comes to making me energized I would definitely love to tune in to some really refreshing peppy numbers, that will bring out the #MaxFreshMove from me.

This #MaxFreshMove video is so fresh and energetic. It just brings out the hidden dancer in you and makes you jive to the wonderful tune. The magical voice of Anushka Manchanda and the energizing steps of Allu Arjun are just the exact booster for you to charge you up a dull day.

Are you a kid from the 90’s? Then you are bound to like this video by Falguni Pathak. It used to be the topmost favourite in college and school performances. Still now whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of those times.

Again, back memory lane, every guy of our time must have performed to this peppy tune form Backstreet Boys. So, Rock your body now.

This remix song was quite famous and controversial during the early 2000s. I liked the tune, more than anything else. Sahi me Kanta Laga!!

Not far beyond was another remix video, which had a similar kind of catchy tune and some controversial moves which at that time was quite over the top. Kaliyon ka Chhaman.

Then there was Jennifer Lopez with Waiting For Tonight. One of my favourite songs ever. I still listen to this song whenever I get a chance

90’s kid and no Britney Spears? So absurd!! Her Hit Me Baby was such a rage amongst youngsters those days.

And there was one of the best songs Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom from Euphoria. This song will never be old and I am sure today’s youth will also love it.

The mid-2000s was great too. One of my favourites was Queen Bey’s first single hit, Crazy in Love. It didn’t take time for her to rule the world, what a lady!!

How can a #MaxFreshMove list be complete without Shakira, if you are talking about peppy songs? And here is her all time best Hips Don’t Lie. What moves and what a vibrant song!!

This is my playlist of most energetic songs that brings out the #MaxFreshMove in me. I am not sure if any one of you would like it, but if you are a 90’s kid I am sure you will understand.

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