Monday, July 6, 2015

Your Baby, Your #FirstLove!!

Your baby is your #FirstLove and you cannot compromise with anything when it comes to it. A baby is like a bundle of soft clay, and you are the sculptor who molds it to give it shape, both mentally and physically. Imagine if something goes wrong, everything is ruined.

For your baby's proper growth and development you need to be careful from the very beginning. Apart from providing him a space with proper light and air, it is also equally important to take care of the things that surround your baby. The clothes, the drapes, the cradle and most importantly the personal care products that you apply on it. Oil massaging forms an integral part in a baby’s healthy growth. It has been practised over ages throughout the world. It is important for the baby’s muscle development and proper bone development.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil brings the best care that you can ever imagine for your precious little one. It has the goodness of all natural ingredients that specifically caters to the need of your baby’s delicate skin. The extremely moisturizing effect of its essential oils makes the baby’s skin soft and plump. A massage with the oil ensures multiple benefits for your baby’s skin and overall growth.

Almond and olive oils, that are natural sources of rich moisturizer for the skin, are ideally used to make the Dabur Baby Massage Oil so special. Almond oil, with its richness of Vitamin E is a great agent of cell regeneration. It gives the baby’s skin a boost in hydration. Olive oil is known to soften the skin. Often it is seen that a baby’s skin becomes dry. The benefits of these two oils will make sure that the baby’s skin remains soft and supple all the time.

The dual force of Almond and olive oil is also topped up with the exclusion of harmful chemicals in Dabur Baby Massage Oil. There are no paraffins, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances. This oil is the safest bet when it comes to your baby’s care. By adding the Dabur Baby Massage Oil in your baby’s personal care, you are ensuring good health and a better future for your baby’s growth and development.

Make Dabur Baby Massage Oil a part of your baby’s daily care routine and ensure a safe and sound health for it. Your baby is your #FirstLove and you are the one who shape its life, so be responsible and give the best to the little one.

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