Monday, July 6, 2015

Your Baby's Skin & Its #FirstLove

Have you ever seen a bud blossoming into a flower? It is a precious moment and an incredible phenomenon to watch. How incredible is the feeling of watching a baby blossoming day by day, from a newborn to a kid to young adult and to a fully grown individual. For this growth to be smooth from all aspect we have to provide the baby with a good environment, develop good habits in it. It requires proper care for its proper development, both mentally and physically.

A baby's mind is blank like a page and what he sees and learns gathers in it to make it developed. Likewise a baby's skin is as soft as a petal and should be taken utmost care of, to protect from outside pollution and contamination to harsh chemicals. However, it is a very challenging task in today's world, to keep your baby protected from the hazardous environment. What if in this time, you get something that really protects your child's tender skin, something devoid of chemicals, something direct from the Mother Nature's lap?

Dabur Baby Massage Oil, enriched with ingredients sourced from nature and its extracts, provides the warm care for your child. It forms a layer of nourishing care for your baby’s soft skin, by keeping intact its softness and boosting cell growth with every massage. Devoid of any paraffins and parabens, Dabur Baby Massage Oil provides natural nurture and care to your baby’s skin.

Your child’s natural growth needs uplifting from your side, through regular massage. This helps in the muscle growth and bone development for your child to become a healthy individual in future. Almond and olive are known as the best natural moisturizers that protect and retains the skin’s softness. Dabur Baby Massage Oil, made with premium quality almond and olive oils, makes your baby’s skin well-nourished and also provides considerable boost in muscle development and bone growth.

One of the key features of Dabur Baby Massage Oil is the exclusion of any artificial colour or fragrance. Any fragrance will contain chemicals that may prove harsh for the baby’s highly sensitive skin. Your baby id your most precious thing, your priceless possession and you would not want it to be surrounded by a chemically laden world. So, Dabur Baby Massage Oil will be your #FirstLove, your first choice for your baby to give it a natural care for its healthy growth and development.

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