Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#YuviSurfsUC, You too Can!!

India is a cricket crazy nation. From Classes to masses, from young to old, everyone just gets glued to cricket matches, when India is playing. The Cricket craze is quite evident by the various types of tournaments that are been played throughout the year. Cricketers are the biggest celebrities in our nation, almost like movie stars. Neither can we ignore the awesome matches, nor can we miss any of the shots played by our favourite cricketers.

When we talk about cricket and cricketers, how can we not mention the super hot Yuvraj Singh? One of the most popular and hottest cricketers around, Yuvi, as he is lovingly known to all, excels in his performance both on and off screen. Yuvraj Singh, like all of us cannot miss a game of cricket as a viewer. However, we often miss our daily activities like attending office, forgetting important work, and even forgetting a date to catch up an important cricket match. Even Yuvi does so!!

But Yuvi shows us a solution for this. He shows us how we can continue doing our work while catching up any cricket match. We will not have to miss a single moment of the match and still continue doing our day to day activities without any hindrance. Here is the UC Web from where you can get connected to your favourite cricket matches anytime, anywhere.

It is easy as all you have to do is to connect to UC Cricket. It is the best thing for every cricket fan as it gives the best picture quality, seamless connection without getting stuck. You will get to see the best cricket matches from any place, no matter you are in your office or with your date. So, it enables you to give time to multiple activities at a time, which of course includes watching the match.
I am sure I am going to try out the UC Cricket, as like any Indian I am a cricket fan and will not want to miss any important match, be it a one day match or IPL. I am sure most of you would love to be in my line and try this incredible thing to surf fast and catch your favourite cricket match.

Well, what more do you need in a cricket crazy nation? When #YuviSurfsUC to keep himself updated with the best cricket matches, we can also do so. Our favourite teams, our favourite matches and our favourite cricketers, nothing is going to be missed by us, with UC Cricket. This will be possible along with all our other activities, so in a nutshell, UC Cricket will make us fulfil our duties without letting us compromise. Cricket and work, all will go fine together.

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