Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation Review

Hey beautifuls, you must be knowing, when it comes to foundations, I cannot stop myself from splurging a few hundred bucks more than what I usually do on beauty products. And when I got the newly launched Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation for review, I was simply excited.

About Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation:
Oil Free and Water Based Formula
For pinkish white skin with a natural pinkish glow and translucent finish.
Available in 6 shades.

Price: Rs.700 for 30 ml Available here

Packaging: Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation comes in a pink hard plastic outer cover. The bottle is flat oval in shape with a nude body and pink metallic twist open cap. The nozzle is small enough to ooze out the exact amount required for your face and neck.

Product: The foundation is watery in texture with a very mild smell.

My Experience: I have oily combination skin. During the summer months it tends to get oilier and I have to be extra careful in choosing any face makeup, so that it does not leave the skin greasy. Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is a water based foundation. It is very easy on application. It blends easily and you do not actually need a blender or brush. It spreads smoothly with fingers and gives a nice radiance immediately. It covers minor flaws quite effectively. The USP of the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is the presence of Micro Pink Pearls, that gives an aura like radiance to give that flush-pink look. 

I am a regular BB Cream user, and do not touch my foundations unless I am going for an event or any function. However, Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation has rightly replaced my regular BB Creams and I am using it almost every day. It sits light on my face, without giving any sort of greasiness. The wear time is a decent 3-4 hours. After which it starts to melt a bit.SPF 17 PA++ is an added advantage and you do not need to pile up the sunscreen. The packaging is classy and very easy to carry in your purse. The nozzle mouth prevents mess. Overall, Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is an awesome product. I have got the OC30 shade and it is just perfect for me. However, I was going through the other shades and found that dusky beauties may not find a suitable match for their skin tone.

1. Water based
2. Contains Hyaluronic Acid
3. Gives immediate radiance
4. Gives a pinkish glow
5. Stays for a decent 3-4 hours
6. SPF17 PA ++
7. Mild smell
8. Easy to carry
9. Suitable for all skin types
10. Sheer to medium coverage

1. The shades may not suit dusky and dark skin tones
2. Not enough to cover major flaws

Rating: 4.5/5

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is a light-weight watery foundation that blends smoothly and can be your go-to foundation everyday. It has replaced my BB cream and I am sure many will agree with me regarding the easy blending and perfect texture. 

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