Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Makeup & Hairstyle Session from MyGlamm

Hey beautifuls, I am very minimalistic when it comes to makeup and hair style. I am not blessed with naturally gorgeous tresses and keep away from stylers and driers as much as possible. Makeup to me is a gentle touch of blush with a bright lipstick and mascara. But every girl wants to break the rule once in a while, so last Saturday I thought to break my own set of rules and go for a hairstyling and makeup session from MyGlamm.

About MyGlamm:
MyGlamm offers bespoke beauty services at your doorstep, pamper yourself with on-demand hair, beauty and grooming services by expert artists from the industry at your convenience. For the first time in India, an incubator that helps artists to connect with potential clients is specially designed at the MyGlamm studio.

My Experience: I had a party to attend at 7pm so I had fixed an appointment for the hairstylist and makeup artist at 3:30pm. I was very glad the way I received verification calls to recheck the schedule from the MyGlamm team. I received the details of the hair stylist and makeup artist on my phone. And prior the scheduled time, I received the call from the hair stylist as well. He reached exactly at 3:30pm which is really worth appreciation.

Before the session started, the hairstylist made sure to arrange the setup by spreading a plastic sheet on the floor and preparing all the equipment and styling product ready. After he has done within 5 minutes, he asked me my preference for the styling, if to go for curling, only blow drying or straightening. We decided on going for smoothing the frizz and to use straightening iron.

The hair stylist was very gentle with my hair and made sure to check my comfort level. He used a gentle dose of Moroccan oil before and after the styling and it was done in a very fast time. I loved how the hair became frizz-free after the styling. However, I expected he would use something to keep the frizz-free ness for a long time. But it was not applied and my hair turned a bit frizzy after sometime.

As soon as the hairstylist finished, I was very surprised to see the makeup artist arrive soon. The makeup artist also took 5 minutes to prepare the set up. I was happy to see the makeup products that consisted mostly of MAC, Urban Decay, Makeup Revolution and Maybelline. He made sure to check the outfit I would be wearing. He decided on a smokey eyes  and nude face look. I was really happy as I never play with my eye makeup much. The brushes were sanitized and after prepping my skin with a primer, the most interesting part came.

He used an air brush makeup on my face. I was very happy when he showed me the effect on a white paper. he also said that it may take some time to settle down and may look a bit too much initially but will even out with time. After the face makeup he started with the eyes and used shades of black and brown for a beautiful smokey eye look. I wanted a winged liner and it was done very well.

The face was completed with a peachy coral blush and nude lips. He almost forgot the lip makeup and I had to remind him. I was happy with the look, but thought it would have looked better with some more blending on the eyes. It was too dark for my choice.

Overall, I had a nice experience with MyGlamm. Their punctuality and professional approach is really amazing. I guess they can improve on the time factor, as in I felt both the hairstylist and makeup artist were in a hurry and could have done better with some more time given for a perfect finish. I am quite happy with the cleanliness and courteousness that MyGlamm team has shown. I even got calls for a feedback.

MyGlamm is definitely worth trying if you want to get all the pampering of a salon at your home. They provide bridal services too. I wish they had hair colouring as well. I would rate them a 3.8/5, which is quite decent.

The services that I took:
Blow Dry:Rs450


To book your service call 1 800 3000 4526

I was offered an experiential for the services

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