Thursday, August 6, 2015

#Airtel4G:Connecting our Life Faster!!!

This generation is fully dependent on internet for all their works ,fun,connecting with friends and many more things.They are not having a single second to waste and people get irritated with low internet speed.We often take 3G planes in today's time for the faster speed but now we are not even content with  3G as we are not getting the internet speed as per our requirement.We need cheetah speed internet service.Thinking for different people with a variety of needs AIRTEL has come up with 4G connection .Airtel has commercially launched its 4G high-speed data services in 296 towns across India.

#Airtel4G is the fastest connection you have ever experienced.According to the TVC the speed is awesome and actually fastest ever internet speed.You can't just wait to have a hand on experience on Airtel 4G. And the most interesting part is Airtel service starta from 25 INR.

This 4G service will be available in 4G-enabled mobile phones, internet dongles and WiFi routers. Airtel will offer 4G data plans at 3G prices and users who swap their 3G sim cards with 4G ones will get benefits such as unlimited access to Airtel's music service for six months and a certain number of free movies on its new online movies platform.Airtel also introduced a new range of 'Infinity Plans' starting Rs.999. These plans offer unlimited voice calls along with data benefits and access to Wynk Movies and Wynk Music apps.

Airtel has also launched an automated platform called Flexpage that allows customers to track their data usage and get real time usage alerts. With Flexpage, customers can also upgrade their mobile plan on the go, as and when they exhaust their monthly data quota. Under this platform, customers can opt from a range of 4G data plans, with prices starting from Rs 100.To get started on Airtel 4G, customers need to switch to a 4G SIM. Apart from Airtel stores, Samsung retail stores will also facilitate 4G SIM swaps and doing home delivery of SIMs for post-paid connections(India & South Asia).

So  what you are waiting for guys??Visit an airtel store and experience 4G first hand and start using 4G.Also Visit Airtel 4G to know more and check your device and request for a SIM and many offers on the website.

By Abhishek

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