Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An #eSuperMom She Is!!

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Parenting is perhaps the most difficult phase of life, specially if both the parents are working. We often tend to indulge our kids with the best gadgets and the latest technological offerings, sometimes to enhance their learning, and sometimes also to fill up the time that we cannot actually give them, due to our busy schedule. Today I will be talking about such a mom, who is working and at the same time makes sure to give her only daughter quality time so that she does not stray to the wrong path.

Often our children are exposed to lot of indecent stuffs, through internet that may be quite harmful for their growing period. There are a lot of cyber crimes happening all the time which knowingly or unknowingly today's children may get trapped in. Indecent websites, sexual predators, cheats, kidnappers- there are a lot of threat for the kids in today's cyber world. But can we keep an eye on each and every thing our children are doing on the internet when we are not around? Can we keep a check on whom they are chatting to, whom they have befriended on Social Media? Well not always, I guess.

But my aunt who is a mom to a 15 year old girl, efficiently handles things. A girl of 14-15 may be very vulnerable and can be prey to a lot of unwanted things. Physically and emotionally this torrid phase of the growing years need a strong emotional support. Who can be the best emotional support than a mother? I have seen how my aunt talks to her and makes her understand the perils of this big bad cyber world. Although she is a working mom, she takes her time out to give company to her daughter and lovingly or playingly keeps a check on her daily activities.

No matter how tired she is, she makes it sure to take out her daughter whenever possible, either to some exhibition or to some movie. She also makes her get involved in household work like cooking and cleaning and doing her own things. She also makes sure that her daughter go out with friends but has kept a time frame to it. This doting love and constant company of my aunt has made my cousin as one of the best girls at her age. She knows in an out of the internet and social media, she is aware and cautious of the crimes that usually take place through the internet.

I was going through the EKavach App, I was really happy to find out how we can actually make it work for our children to be always protected from the monstrous part of the cyber world. The 2 apps that are the Parent App and the Child App are to be installed together, so that your children always stay shielded and protected. Some of the major benefits of EKavach are:
  • Safe browsing, content filtering and safe search for major browser
  • Set Healthy Access Limit for Internet Usage
  •  Keep a tab over gaming and other applications
  •  Real Time Alerts & Push Notifications for breaches
  • View Dashboard of your child’s online activities
  • Remotely Manage activities
  •  Device Heartbeat & Geo-location
  • Family Relaxation Time
  • Emergency Child Notification to Parents
  •  Communication with Parents

When I informed my aunt about this app, she was also equally happy and has actually started using it too. She is much relaxed and secure about her daughter now as EKavach is doing a lot of work she had to do herself.

I am happy that today, my cousin is growing up to be a lovely young girl with ample of knowledge about the goods and evils of technology, She is smart, she is savvy and she is cautious all because of her mother. Kudos to my aunt, for being the #eSuperMom!!

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