Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Ordinary Evening Turned Extraordinary: #RnMOnAskMe!!

What do you feel after a tiresome, gruesome, painful day of travel? A plate full of mouth-watering home made tasty food. Being a Bengali, what more can I ask than some jhuri aloo bhaja (fried potato), some mouth watering sea-food, a meat meal, some curry item and our quintessential misti (sweet dish)? However, after a hard day, you are not in the mood to return home and make it all by yourself. And at the same time, your heart cribs for some home made food!! What to do? Well, I came across this amazing Askme App and guess what!! I did what I had to do.

I installed the Askme App on my Ipad which was just in a whoosh!! Believe me. I selected our area and searched for Bengali restaurants. And voila!! I got some nice choices, out of which I selected the nearest one to our house and that is Bijoligrill in Hiranandani. Me and my family walked to that place (yes it is so nearby) and we were quite surprised to find it crowded, well, almost overloaded. It was better as we got to seat outdoors, facing a children's playzone and getting a glimpse of the full moon night along with the children playing. Sounds fun? 

The menu was full of real tasty offerings from my very own land!! All known, all tasted, but hey we were not in a mood of experimenting and wanted to taste the flavor of our home made food. So we started with the must sought after Fish Fry and Chicken Cutlet. The Fish Fry, as famous as it is, tasted every bit tasty, while the chicken cutlet was not that great, I wish they could cook the masala paste a bit more!!

The next was to order the main course and we all wanted at least one vegetarian dish. Although most of the items were like what we have daily at home, there was somethings which we did not taste for a while, and it is the Dhokar Dalna and Jhuri aloo bhaja. We as hardcore Bengalis, are mostly inclined towards non-vegetarian food and our next items in the list were Daab Chingri, Chicken kasha and steamed rice.

Now let me dissect the food one by one. The aloo bhaja was very crispy and tasty. Generally this kind of fries end up tasting a bit more salty then desired, but this was perfect. The Dhokar Dalna was nothing like the usual Bengali style, as it was done with a lot of kasoori methi, which is not at all an ingredient used for Bengali cuisine. 

The Chicken Kasha was good, cooked tender but not the home made one again. 

Now the supposed hero of the day, the Daab Chingri which was served inside a tender coconut shell, looked promising in white gravy. However, the taste was too sweet than expected. It has its share of cashew nut paste and I think a bit of mawa, but too sweet for our taste buds.

 The rice was long grained and smelled nice.

How can a meal be complete without some desserts, specially if it’s a Bengali meal? We ordered the famous Gokul Pithe. And although we did not expect much, it surprisingly turned out to be the real winner!! Filled with Mawa and nuts, it was crispy and was perfectly sweetened from outside. We loved it. 

All this while we were enjoying the view of the full moon and the children playing around. It was really enjoyable, it was like a picnic on the terrace!! Authentic Bengali food, enjoyed outside with some nice view.The staff was quite courteous and the meal was served fast. The food overall was okay, but what made the evening great was the fulfillment of desire, in a nice ambiance. An ordinary meal experience was turned to an extraordinary one just with the help of Askme App.

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