Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap Review

How can I be kept far from the sweet aroma of chocolates for long. Increasing waist line does not worry me much when I see chocolates around. I use chocolate fragrance, scrubs, body butters. And today I will talk about the Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap, a new addiction to my chocolaty obsessions.

About Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap:
Luscious, invigorating , sensuous blend of chocolate oil, molded with care in a round shape with a maple leaf motif on top.

Price: Rs.150

Packaging: Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap comes in a simple plastic wrap packaging.

Product: It is a chocolate brown coloured round soap with a sweet smell of chocolate and has a motif of maple leaves on the top.

My Experience: Well, I am just short of words. Seldom have I seen a bath treat so invigorating that you actually feel like eating it up. Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap is one such product. The beautifully crafted soap looks so tempting that you feel like eating it up. Once you unwrap it, you can feel the goodness of natural oils that almost oozes out of the bar. The sweet aroma of chocolate spreads everywhere. When you use it on the skin, it makes lathers moderately. You can actually get the caress of the natural oils throughout your bathing experience.

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap leaves the skin hydrated to the core. It actually gives the effect of a hydrating scrubbing product. The skin becomes very soft and pampered after use. The smell remains there for a long time. I just love the soap. The only issue is it melts soon because of the presence of the chocolate oil and you may wish it lasted a bit more. Also, non-chocolate lovers be stay away!!!

1.Made with natural ingredients
2.Cruelty free
3.Chocolate oil
4.Very invigorating fragrance
5.Lathers decently
6.Leaves skin hydrated
7.Smell remains for a long time
8.Suitable for all skin types

1.Can get messy in the packaging due to the presence of chocolate oil


Aroma Essentials Chocolate Handmade Soap is like melting chocolate for your skin. It is a wonderful cleanser for any type of skin and a must for chocolate lovers. A strong recommendation from my side to all the choco lovers out there!!

To know more about Aroma Essentials please check here

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