Monday, August 24, 2015

Doodle Collection YRF Bell Diary Review

I am a typical 90's kid!! I still remember and cherish my school days, the first crush, the first time I went to watch a movie by lying at home!! And it does not take a humongous weight to guess the movie it was, well, it was Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or as we love to refer it as DDLJ. My liking for the movie started then and still continues to be the same as whenever I can, I catch up the movie. Every bit of it was so enjoyable, I know there are people who have found out 88 flaws from it, but well, do I care? So when Doodle Collection sent me the YRF Bell Diary, it was like going to a flashback, 20 years back.

About Doodle Collection:
Doodle diaries are a unique combination of functionality and design.From personal use to office use, their colourful, fun and fashion-forward, range of Doodle diaries and notebooks are made to inspire you to write. Travelers, writer, music aficionado or a fashionistas, they have the perfect diary that fits your persona.
Explore, play and join the journey that makes writing fun!

About Doodle Collection YRF Bell Diary:
DDLJ, a timeless classic, that inspired everybody, did the same with our Doodle diaries. The cover design of the ‘Swiss Cow Bell’ that is a symbol of love, that Simran leaves for Raj on her door. This diary encapsulates that emotion and makes you relive the memorable phases of the movie. Not only that, The doodle diary takes you through the landscapes of Europe that Raj and Simran visited. Our ‘Bell’ Doodle diary is therefore your perfect travel companion or a memorabilia.      

Price: Rs.699 Available here at 30% discount

Description: A soft-touch printed Doodle book with glossy colours and velvet UV finish gives protection from spots, scratches, and abrasion of colour. This 200 pages note book has many useful features lined guides and perforated pages for easy tearing

Doodle Collection YRF Bell Diary is a collectors item, specially if you are a YRF fan you would certainly love it. I like the way it looks. The bell forms an integral part of the film DDLJ and the diary entirely revolves round that theme. There are views and remnants of the wonderful Europe tour that Raj & Simran went for. The pages of the diary can be a perfect choice for any travelogues. I wish I received this diary when I was in Europe!! The colourful diary not only exudes in beauty and quality but also leads you through a back journey of the splendid moments you might have had in your travels.

Doodle Collection YRF Bell Diary has 200 pages, ample enough to write your columns or memoirs with lot of details. The perforated pages are one of the best features as you can tear it when required. The velvet UV finish prevents spots and scratches and superior glossy colour adds to the beauty of the diary. No matter if you are a 90's kid or not, I am sure, a colourful diary like Doodle Collection YRF Bell Diary will make the writer in you always charged and energized.

I have already started penning my Bhutan travel experience in the Doodle Collection YRF Bell Diary. I am planning to get a whole collection of Doodle diaries for my forthcoming writeups too.

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