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Facts about acne mechanica and scar treatment

You may have noticed acne lesions sprouting in places where your skin gets rubbed. Especially, on your shoulders where you carry your backpack, across the forehead beneath your hat or helmet, or on your chin under the helmet chin strap. The cause for this is acne mechanica. It is triggered due to excessive heat, pressure, friction, or rubbing of the skin. It can occur anywhere on the face or body. Those who are prone to body acne are likely to develop acne mechanica. Read further to find out which acne scar treatment and solutions helps treat the condition.

Ø What is acne mechanica?

Pimples caused due to skin friction, heat, and pressure on the skin or when it isn’t exposed to air. Such sweaty and continually rubbed skin can break out in rashes that is also called as acne. Some of the common causes include wearing a tightly fitting hat, equipment that uses straps, musical instruments pushed against the skin for an extended period, synthetic headbands, tightly fitting clothing or bras. Athletic equipment serves as the prime culprit, especially among teen boys. Soccer or hockey pads, baseball caps, sweatbands, and helmets can evoke a breakout on the face or body of athletes. Sports gear and clothing traps heat and sweat against the skin that quickly leads to acne mechanica. There is a crucial need for the best acne scar treatment and solution.
Ø How does it look?

Using the best acne solutions products does help in curing this medical condition. Acne mechanica varies in appearance. It could either be small unnoticeable lesions or large inflamed ones. The skin tends to feel bumpy even when there are no visible breakouts. It then transforms into inflamed pimples that are more obvious than before.

Ø Who suffers from it?

Acne mechanica is likely to affect teenagers and adults in their twenties who have a problem of acne on their buttocks, shoulders, and back. There are those who suffer from sandpaper acne that are rough lesions which are difficult to see but feel like sandpaper. Soldiers who are posted in hot and humid tropical areas get mechanica because of the heavy equipment and weapon that they carry.

Ø What are the treatment and prevention measures?

Most cases of acne mechanica respond to over-the-counter salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide treatment. You can try using a facial cleanser or body wash containing one or more of these ingredients. You can thoroughly cleanse the affected areas but do not scrub. The scrubbing can lead to worse breakouts of acne. One of the best acne treatment solution is to apply benzoyl peroxide lotions to all the areas that are affected by the infection. Allowing your skin to adapt to the treatment will help prevent uncomfortable dryness and peeling of the skin. Wearing synthetic fabric tends to worsen acne mechanica because they trap heat against the body. If possible, wear natural fabrics, like breathable cotton. Since most sports uniforms are manufactured from synthetic fabrics, you can make it a habit of wearing a cotton t-shirt underneath.

You can also prevent acne mechanica by adopting the following measures

Ø Take a shower promptly after exercising or sweating and make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

Ø Do not wear a hat, helmet, or headband for extended periods of time.

Ø Use a cleanser that includes the ingredient salicylic acid to help clear the skin of sweat and grime.

Ø Avoid wearing extra tight clothes

Ø Which are the best home remedies for acne mechanica?
Apart from use of antibiotics and drugs, acne scar treatment also involves using herbal home remedies. Some of them are:

Ø Natural remedies like aloe vera, rose water, tea tree oil, etc. on the skin

Ø Maintaining a healthy diet is not only good for the body, but it treats and prevents acne

Ø The person gets glowing, healthy, radiant skin

Ø Drinking juices, water and other refreshing drinks

Ø Cleansing and exfoliation along with regular exfoliation and scrubbing will remove excess oils

Ø Increasing water/liquid intake

Ø Taking showers with soap-free shower gels that have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc.

Follow these tips to treat acne mechanica at the earliest. If the condition is still not showing any signs of improvement, you can visit a doctor to get it checked. Use the acne scar treatment for beautiful and oil-free skin.

By Amelia Smith


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