Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#HomeCanvas is Where the Heart is!!

Home is where the heart is!! I am sure, each one of us will agree to this popular saying. Small or big, your home is your most peaceful abode. Your home is your cradle of security, your home is your Mecca of Love. My heart lies within the four walls of my home. I know it may not be a palace or it may not be equipped with the latest modern facilities, but it is a palace of peace, equipped by ample of love. But what if I get an opportunity to give my home a sleek and fun makeover?

The walls of my rooms are cream yellow in colour. The first and foremost addition that I would love is to paint them in vivid colours. How about some sunshine orange, lavender violet, ocean blue and pastel pink? Sounds too much? Well, I want the fun and bright element to always play around so that we get positively energized.

As a beauty blogger I would love my room to be equipped with vanities to store my humongous collection of beauty related products. A wardrobe with place to store all my outfits, jewelries, shoes and accessories would be such a great addition as well. And how can a beauty blogger's room be complete without the inclusion of a vanity with a mirror? As the wall of my room will be vibrant in colour, to balance it I would like ivory hued furniture with in antique designs.

Half of my time is spent in my kitchen. I would love to have a well equipped kitchen with all the latest facilities to make my work simpler and quicker. Better storage places, better drainage and better look will be an added advantage for my kitchen. Somewhere in the kitchen I would love to see a glass slider with a lovely glass painting on it. And if the motif is with fruits and leaves, what more to ask for!!

A complete physical makeover of my home will obviously make me elated. I would like to get these additions to be made just to elaborate the already existing serenity of my abode. I would not like any changes, these are just some enhancement ideas that I would like to get for my home. As I believe no makeover, can make your #HomeCanvas a better place until, you yourself make it better with love, care and harmony. I believe my #HomeCanvas is where my heart is.

 I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here’s how

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