Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent Review

Have you ever thought of falling in love with an insect repellent? Well I have never. I had used an insect repellent spray earlier and it came handy for my Aurangabad tour. This time I had taken a separate one for my Kolkata-Bhutan trip. And today I am going to talk about that Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent.

About Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent:
This 100% Natural chemical-free Insect Repellent helps to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay with the insect-repelling essential oils blend.
The bonus is that since it contains Mango Butter, Shea Butter and other lovely oils, it doubles up as a super moisturizing lotion!

Rs.110/- for 10 gm
Rs.140/- for 15 gm
Rs. 400/- for 50 gm
Rs.480/- for 70 gm

Packaging: Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent comes in a transparent plastic jar.

Product: It is a clear balm with a very nice citrus herbal smell.

My Experience: I carried the Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent during my travel to Kolkata-Bhutan. I had no idea if it would come handy during the trip. Well, actually it came in handy in Kolkata. When I was in Kolkata, it was raining bad with all sorts of insects and mosquitoes all around. I wear a lot of sleeveless dresses and my arms are mostly exposed and automatically fall prey to mosquitoes. The Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent was such a savior as I used to apply it on my arms and believe me there was not a single mosquito bite. Unlike other insect repellents , Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent is very moisturizing. Given my very dry body skin, it really made my skin hydrated for long, not to mention the amazing citrus smell. 

Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent is a truly hydrating insect repellent with all natural ingredients. I hesitate to use insect repellents on my skin as the usual ones always have chemicals in them which may not be suitable for my dry skin. However, Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent is such so nourishing that you can actually use it as a moisturizer. It may be a bit greasy for those with oily skin.

1.Made with all natural ingredients
2.Keeps you protected from insect bites 
3.Has healing properties too
4.Has very powerful moisturizing properties
5.Smells very nice
6.Keeps skin hydrated for long
7.Can be used as a moisturizer too
8.Travel friendly packaging

1.May be a bit greasy for oily skin


Ida Naturals Bug Me Not!Insect Repellent is a wonderful product with the hydrating properties of mango butter and healing properties of Rosemary. It is a must if you are travelling to extreme conditions.

To know more on Ida Naturals check here

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