Monday, August 10, 2015

Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter Review

Who does not love the sweet smell of grape fruit? I do, and a few days back I had reviewed a lip scrub which has the smell of grapefruit. Today again I am going to review Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter.

About Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter:
The moist, delicious lip butters melt on the lips upon application.made with pure mango butter, essential oils and more, the lip butters protect lips from sun damage and hydrate dry, chapped lips keeping them nourished and glossy all year around.

Price: Rs.150

Packaging: Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter comes in a transparent small pot with a black twist open cap and a inner cover.

Product: The lip butter is yellowish in colour with a sweet smell.

My Experience: I like using lip butters more than lip balms. The difference between these two are the amount of hydration and the effect they provide. Lip butters give a buttery effect on the lips and make them really nourished. Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter is a sweet lip butter that provides ample nourishment and like any natural butter settles into a waxy texture in the jar. But once it comes in touch with the warmth of your fingers, it melts and gives a nice touch of moisture on the lips. Chapped lips are somewhat smoothed. I like the sweet smell that is almost like the fruit cakes we savor in the bakeries. 

Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter is a very good lip butter to protect your lips from getting cracked. However, it may not be very effective on severely chapped lips. It has a light texture and gives a softness that stays for long. You actually do not need reapplication for a long time. Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter is a great product to nourish lips.

1. Made with all natural products
2. Mango butter and essential oils 
3. Very nice smell
4. Nourishes lips
5. Smooths out chapped lips
6. Keeps lips moisturized for a long time

1.May not be enough for severely cracked lips


Juicy Chemistry Grape Fruit Lip Butter is a very good hydrating lip butter that keeps the pouts hydrated fro long time giving you a nice sweet smell.

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