Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Food Tales, My Food Moments!!

Food -Only thing in the world which everyone loves to have,Can make anyone happy and necessary for living.Every occasion and every movement of life is incomplete without tasty food.Food can join two hearts and also make meet many hearts.Everyone loves homemade food than from Hotels. I remember one saying which every food lover says "We do not eat food to survive, we survive to eat food!!!!!"

I still remember that moment when i visited my home place and one day all of the sudden my childhood friends came to meet me in the afternoon.My mom was not finished with cooking and my friends were hungry.Me and My mom were tensed that what to make at a less time.My Mom is an expert in making "Aloo paratha" and I suggested her to make it.Within Half an hour she was ready with the food and served her famous "Aloo paratha". After eating my mom's Aloo Paratha everyone was so impressed that they could not stop raving about it .The finger licking taste left all my friends spellbound and wanting for more.They thanked me and my mom and just continued praising the wonderful taste.I wish if something would have been there at that time so that we could quickly order some thing and get Door step delivery.
I also remember that day when my cousin visited my place surprisingly and it was so sudden for me as we met after 2 years and he was had put on much weight than before.The most embarrassing thing was my mom was out of town and I am very bad at cooking. I was very tensed about what to offer my brother.So I just told him sorry and offered some biscuits and some light snacks which was already there at. I know it was not enough to fill his appetite and I just wish that time I knew some thing that would have come to my rescue.

There are many more stories where food saved me,helped me and left awesome memorable moment.Now a days everything is available online , right from ordering food and free home delivery to knowing restaurant review from which we are ordering food.There is an awesome mobile application known as "Tiny Owl". we can Choose from the best restaurants with varied cuisines and price points in and around various areas of your city.We can pay either via cash, or if that is too much a hassle, via card- both Credit & Debit.This platform do From confirming and intimating your order to the restaurant to informing you the estimated delivery time.I love this platform a lot and wish I had known about it before to avoid embarrassing moments in front of sudden visitors. Well I have started using Tiny Owl.

You too can download the application available for Android and Ios.

By Abhishek

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