Monday, August 17, 2015

My #HomeCanvas with My Mood

Those who are very close to me, know very well about my fluctuating mood. I can be playful, jovial and friendly at some moments, and completely bored, aloof and disinterested in the very next. Colours, scents, foods-my choices vary according to my mood. Specially when it comes to home décor, I try to change the interiors of my home quite often. Sometimes, I will get a bronze statue, and after a few days I will replace it with a vase full of colourful orchids. My home keeps on changing colours, just to keep pace with my mood.

To keep things safe, my husband has kept the colours of my home very basic, so that when required we can give a special touch to it. However, there are certain very basic things that will remain unaltered in my home, that is a very comfortable sitting arrangement with some lovely cushions. Cushions play a very major role in my home décor, be it my living room, or my bedroom. I just cannot get enough of those, starting from silk embroidered ones to feathery and sequinned ones to exotic kantha stitched worked ones, I treasure a wide variety in my stack and keep on altering them, time and again.

Paintings and artwork are again are a major part of my home décor. I would definitely love to dedicate a portion of my wall to a colourful painting. I have given a touch of some self-created digital art on a portion of my wall. However, I would like to be more daring by adding in a master's creation on the walls of  my humble abode.

I love murals and sculptures. I have learnt to make statues out of plaster of Paris. My showcases are home to a couple of my amateurish creations, but being somewhat artistically inclined, how can I not wish for a Mural that speaks volume and reflects superior craftsmanship? Well, a corner of my living area will be dedicated for that.

It is difficult to get fresh orchids everyday, so I choose to substitute with nylon flowers that look very real. I want a bunch of red roses on the dining table and a vibrant orchid bouquet on the side of the entrance. Wouldn't that be perfect for a person who changes her mood so often!!

I was going through a FengShui article few days back, which mentioned of a placement of any crystal item so that peace always resides. I will love to get a big crystal dolphin to be placed on my centre table. Crystal on Glass top- how cool does it sound!!

So this is my #HomeCanvas that I want my home to be. It is just like my mood, a little bit of everything-some art, some comfort, some colours, some simplicity. What ever it is, it should be an abode of eternal peace

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