Monday, August 3, 2015

Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk Review

While maintaining a healthy skin, cleansing plays a very important role. Our skin is prone to get dirty and oily from various factors. It is important that we remove the dirt and oil at least twice a day so that the skin can breathe. A clean skin is less prone to skin related disorders like acne, pimples and other issues. Today I will be talking about Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk.

About Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk:
A special blend of natural ingredients- Aloevera moisturises and Fresh Lime cleanses and refreshes your skin.Lemon juice also blessed with bactericidal and astringent properties.
This natural concentrate of aloevera juice, being a totally natural product, gets instantly absorbed and brings life back to dry skin. It gently unclogs pores,effectively deep cleanses and removes dirt, oil and make-up.
Nature’s Bounty Aloevera Cleansing milk deep cleanses without drying the skin. Mild enough for sensitive skin.

Price: Rs.120 for 60 ml

Packaging: Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk comes in a transparent capsule shaped bottle with a transparent flip open cap.

Product: The cleansing milk is light green in colour with a very mild fragrance and a milky texture.

My Experience: Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk has the goodness of fresh lime, aloe vera and cucumber. The all natural ingredients make the cleansing milk very soothing and tender for the skin. I like the nice packaging and the fresh smell. The milky texture wipes away dirt and makeup quite well, leaving the skin soft. I have not seen any cleansing milk removing makeup as efficiently as Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk does. I am not telling it will take away your waterproof mascara in just a whoosh, but even very pigmented eye shadow can be removed in a swipe of cotton ball and one time rinse.

Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk is a very good product as it can be used by all skin types, starting from very oily ones to very dry ones. It removes makeup very well. It can actually take away every inch of dirt from your skin, so you do not have to follow up with a face wash. Just a rinse with plain water will make your skin fresh .

1.Made with all natural ingredients
2.Fresh lime, aloe Vera & Cucumber are the key ingredients
3.Suitable for all skin types
4.Removes dirt
5.Very good for removing light to medium coverage makeup
6.Smells fresh
7.Does not dry skin
8.Nice packaging

1.Not enough to remove waterproof or stubborn eye makeup


Prakriti Herbals Cleansing Milk is a wonderful product for all types of skin that not only removes dirt but also makeup very effectively, leaving the skin fresh and hydrated.

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