Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Style Evolution in Bollywood from StyleBuys

We Indians are greatly influenced by Bollywood when it comes to fashion and beauty. We cannot deny the fact, what our favourite stars are wearing make a lasting impression in our minds and often tend to become the next big thing in fashion. Be it the bouffant hair sported by the 60's glamorous divas, or the shiny long hair trends of the hippie-styled 70's glam dolls, or the 80s chiffon saree clad gorgeous beauties scorching the screen on fire to the size zero trends of the 2000s, Bollywood has ruled trends and fashion throughout the decade.Here is an interesting infographic from StyleBuys that shows the transforming trends of Bollywood throughout the decades, starting from the 40s to the 2010s.

Personally I think there is a lot to be taken from each and every decade of fashion trend. Although I just love the current trends, I would anytime love to flaunt a 60's dolled up look or the free flowing style of the 90's. Afterall going retro is a style too!! Let me know what is your favourite decade of fashion? What styles you follow?

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