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Tips for a slim and healthy figure by health expert

Stressful life and unhealthy food is the primary reason for weight gain. Weight gain if not curbed at an early stage, might lead to obesity, which in turn might attract serious health ailments. A healthy body not only keeps the diseases away but also maintains a sound and peaceful mind. Eating outside food, especially oily and fatty snacks, temporarily satiates the taste buds and tummy. But, in the long run, it proves harmful to the entire functioning of the body. Eminent dietitian expert promotes healthy eating for healthy living. It is important to know that how a body functions primarily depends on what food we consume. Hence, it is essential to chalk out a diet plan that is compatible with your body, and will enhance the health. Follow this Indian diet plan for weight loss, and get a slim and fit body shape like never before!

Indulge in controlled diet
Watch and keep a control on what you eat, is what Health Total cites. Most times we eat to pamper our taste buds and fill our empty stomach. However, it is important to be conscious about what and how much food we are consuming. Create a timetable that works perfectly fine with your body clock. Even if you are craving for your favorite food, make sure to eat less. A person experiences craving only to satisfy his/her taste bud. Hence, eat less of such high-calorie food. Order for a healthier meal along with the food you are craving for. This will make you alert of what you are indulging into.

Make a list of food that suits your body
It is important to understand which food is healthier for your body, and which makes you feel sick. Even if the latter is your favorite food item, do not indulge in a heavier quantity that might end up harming your body. Take a balanced diet that comprises of healthy vegetables, meat, and fruits. Team up this diet with a regular session of exercise. Make a note of how your body functions, and how much nutrition it requires at a particular time of the day. Provide you body the right healthy intake, and ensure you stay away from weight gain. Also follow a fixed routine of diet intake every day. Do not eat food randomly as it might affect your body cycle.

Cook healthy food
One enjoys food only if it tastes and looks good. Spend some time in the kitchen, and cook food that will be healthy as well as delicious. Search for some interesting recipes online that are not only good to taste but a healthier option. Start your day with a scrumptiously healthy breakfast. Make sure to include protein and calcium in the breakfast meal so that you remain energetic all day long. Also, your dinner should be light and must primarily comprise of soups and salads. The Indian diet plan for weight loss also cites avoiding eating fruits after 9 pm in the night.


Anjali Mukerjee is India’s leading nutritionist, health expert, and researcher. Founder and Director of Health Total, Mukerjee recommends the Indian diet plan for weight loss, giving a detailed guide for a healthy body. Working out and following a wholesome diet plan will enhance the emotional and mental fitness. Eat healthily and stay fit to flaunt the perfect body.

By Amelia Smith

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