Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Choco Minty Body Spa Ritual Ft. Juicy Chemistry & Puro Body & Soul

Hey beautifuls!! You must be aware by now, how much I love chocolates? Dark, caramel, white, I cannot say no to any form!! I own a lot of products that has chocolate in them. Recently I have been following a relaxing and rejuvenating weekly spa regime at home with, well lots of chocolaty things!!

So how does my Choco Minty Spa go?
I mix equal portion of  a Peppermint Green tea Scrub along with a Choco vanilla scrub to make the scrub smell like choco mint. Another reason for doing the same is that while the Peppermint Tea tea scrub is good for scrubbing away dead and dull skin, it may leave my skin a bit dry. The choco vanilla scrub is very creamy and hydrating so by mixing both I get an superb exfoliating creamy scrub that smells divine too. After scrub off with a loofah, and towel drying my body, I apply avery rich white chocolate mint body butter. And OMG, how divine my body smells!! To raise the chocolaty touch a bit higher I spray a bit of my very favourite Choco vanilla spray!!

What is used?
The Juicy Chemistry Green Tea Peppermint Body Scrub when mixed with Puro Body & Soul Chocolate Vanilla Body scrub makes my skin buttery soft and glowing. Used often it can actually reduce the effects of tanning and spots. The Juicy Chemistry White Chocolate Mint Body Butter is such a delight for chocolate lovers!! It makes the skin super silky and is very suitable for those with dry skin. After this I spray a bit of the Seveline Vanilla Bourbon Perfume Spray. It is very strong and I like to use it very sparingly.

This weekly Choco Minty Spa Ritual has made my skin very soft and quite improved the dryness that has been there for some months. My arms which get tanned the most, are also getting into their real selves now.

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