Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel Review

I have oily combination skin and really do not like very greasy or oily products on skin. However, during night, I want something emollient to rejuvenate my skin while I sleep. I have heard about skin care products containing Vitamin E, C or A. However today I will be talking about a product that contains Vitamin B and it is the Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel.

About Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel:
Moisture charge in just 10 seconds! Amino mineral complex instantly rebalances your skin condition and restores with moisturization. It is refreshing and leaves no sticikness after usage.

Price: Rs.599 for 50g Available here at 15% discount

Packaging: Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel comes in a baby pink tube with Gold and white font. It has a twist open cap and a small nozzle.

Product: The gel is very thick and creamy in texture with a soothing fragrance.

My Experience: Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel has Vitamin B and Amino Mineral Complex that makes the skin rejuvenated. The thick gel takes some time to get absorbed in the skin creating a moistened layer on top. However soon it gets absorbed and gives a very soft feel to the skin. The skin becomes enriched, nourished and really soft. I am using the Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel every night before going to sleep and I can see the lovely pinkish glow the next morning. The skin has become baby soft.

Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel has a very pretty packaging and is easy to carry around. Although I do not use it i the day time, I feel it would be a great product for those who spend a lot of time inside A/C rooms. It keeps the skin hydrated for very long time and you can always carry it in your purse and if your skin gets dry just reapply. It gives a very soft and smooth feel. It is very good for combination skin as it can cover dry areas by hydrating as well as oily areas by smoothing. I am thinking of using it as a primer as well.

1.Contains Amino Mineral Complex
2.Enriched with Vitamin B
3.Smooths skin
4.Hydrates skin
5.Gives the skin a nice glow
6.Best for combination skin
7.Pretty packaging

2.Has a tendency to get settled at the mouth

Rating: 4.5/5

Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel is a very good product, specially if you have combination skin like mine. I like the way it creates a smooth veil on the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. I strongly recommend this product to those who stays for long hours in AC.

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