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An Effective Beauty Regime for the Bride to Be from Juvena Herbals

Recently, one of my closed relatives who was getting married, asked me about a good beauty regime to get that glow on her wedding day on a budget. When I wanted to make a regime for her, it was really crossing the budget she was looking for. So, I ended up listing products but had to exclude a lot of things that should have been included for a total beauty care. So today, I requested, Mrs. Medha Singh to share her valuable tips for the bride to be with Juvena Herbals, her naturally handcrafted skin care line, available in very affordable price.

"Juvena's Beauty Regime for the Brides-to-be: 
There are few skin , hair problems which bother every girl before wedding. So its better to cure them when Juvena has all the solutions , rather than feeling low, less confident and keeping such worries at tha back of your mind while talking to your fiance , while shopping...The time between engagement and wedding is to enjoy, prepare yourself mentally for new relations and life, but all the time you nurture skin and Hair worries in your mind. Do not. Let us talk of the solutions.
First the problems.

Common problems: 
1. Dark arm pits,
2. Dark inner thighs,
3. Rough knees,
4. Pigmented Back,
5. Double coloured arms,
6. Uneven skin tone of face,
7. Dark circles around the eyes,
8. Tanned skin,
9. Acne or after acne blemishes,
10. Hair fall, Dry hair, Dandruff....and so on.

We will talk of the facial skin first.
Dry to Normal skin: 
Marigold, Gold cleanser.
Orange Honey , Gold saffron, cocobutter massage cream.
Bridal ubtan, Fairness scrub.
Anjeer, Black Rose, Aha Gold pack.
Sunscreen , Lavender Moisturiser.
Argan oil, Enzymatic mask.

Oily , acne prone skin: 
Mint cleanser
Gold Saffron, Marrow mint pack, Cashew pack, Egyptian pack, Fairness scrub, Enzymatic mask and Argan oil.

Beauty Regime For Normal to Dry skin.- 
Day:Clean skin with Gold cleanser. If skin is very dry , use Marigold cleanser.If skin is pigmented use Black rose pack, wash, apply Bridal Ubtan, massage with Orange Honey massage cream, apply Marrow mint pack or Aha Gold pack.
Apply Sunscreen and moisturiser (sunscreen should be more than moisturiser).
Evening: Clean with Gold or Marigold cleanser Apply Argan oil, all over face and neck. Before going to bed, apply Gold Saffron cream above Argan oil, as night time cream. Wipe with moist cotton in the morning.

For very dry skin- The regime will be same as Normal skin. Anjeer pack will replace AHA Gold pack.
Cocoa butter cr will replace Orange honey.
Black Rose should be used on alternate days.

For oily , acne prone condition-
Clean with Mint cleanser.
If skin is oily without pimples then massage every alternate day. Apply Marrow pack after wiping massage cream. Make paste by adding water to it. Leave for 5-7 minutes.
Can apply Black rose pack once or twice a week.

If skin is acne prone- no massage.
Apply Egyptian pack for 15 min.
Apply Cashew and Marrow pack alternate evenings.
Use fairness scrub for removing blemishes , every alternate day, for 15 min. While washing , moisten fingertips and scrub gently ,for half minute. Wash.
Apply sunscreen. Leave it all throughout the day.
In the evening, clean with Mint cl.
Apply Argan oil for 30 min. Wash
Apply little Gold Saffron cr all over face and neck.
Above it apply anti acne lotion, on open pores and acne.

Common Regime: Once a week Enzymatic mask.

Enzymatic Mask.
Made from fruit enzymes and vit c.
Papaya's Papain, Apple's Malic, Pineapple's Bromalene with yogurt powder mixed in proper ratio, gives good result in making skin tone even, removing post acne scars, constricting the pores. It is seem that most of the times the result is adaptogenic. Has benefitted dry, pigmented (melasma-epidermal), coarse skins.
It is a pre-facial Mask. Increases effectiveness of facial.
Use once in a week for 15 min. Wash. Massage and apply Juvena's Marrow mint face pack or AHA pack,depending upon the skin.

. There are 20 packets of enzymes in one box and 150 ml of fairy lotion you get along withit.
Each packet is sufficient for 2 applications. You have to use enzymatic mask once a week. So once you purchase one box of enzymatic mask, the quantity is sufficient for 20 applications I.e. 5 months.

Note: Before soaking enzyme in fairy lotion , clean skin.
Soak enzyme in fairy lotion and immediately apply on skin. Leave for 15 min.
The enzymes need heat to become active. So once soaked , it should be applied immediately.

If you have Double coloured arms, dark back, dark patchy feet, apply Enzymatic weekly on those areas and follow the same regime as on face.

Argan oil- Those who have dark armpits, dark inner thighs, double coloured arms , dark feet, stretch marks, should apply little Argan oil on those areas at night and above it a bit of Gold saffron.
On dark lips and dark fingers , apply Marigold cleanser, above Argan oil in place of Gold Safrron.

On under eye dark circles, apart from applying Argan oil and Gold Saffron , at night, apply Anjeer Aloe vera every day for 15 min. Can use on lips as well.

For Body:
The regime is common for all skin types. Effective and adaptogenic.
You can follow it for 7, 15, 20, 30 days , continuously.
On seeing the transitional effect , this regime has become a part of day today life of so many clients.

1. Clean with Marigold cl. ( Arms, feet, back , arm pits, inner thighs, or complete body.)
2. Apply beauty oil. Massage gently. Above it appky Bridal ubtan. Scrub it out when semi dry. Apply Juvena's body massage cr. Rub it on skin with wet hands. Take bath.
3. Moisturise skin properly.
4. In the evening clean with Marigold cl.
5. Twice a week apply body massage cr. On entire body. Leave it for 15 min. Rub gently with milk. Apply marrow pack above the cr and milk. Leave for 10 min. Wash. Take bath. Apply good amount of moisturiser.

Twice a week : Apply Juvena's 3 in one body pack on entire body, after cleansing with Marigold cl.
3 in one body pack is a combination of Black Rose, Aha pack, Anjeer aloevera pack.

Aniseed pack: specially made to cure tanning. But it works only when skin is cleansed thoroughly, scrubbed with bridal ubtan,moisturised with lavender moisturiser. Apart from following the body regime, apply aniseed pack/ scrub on arms, leave for 15 min. Wash."

I am so thankful to Mrs. Singh for imparting these tips for our bride to be. You can contact Juvena Herbal on their website here for more details, consultation and for ordering their product. Soon they will be available on e-commerce sites too.

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