Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel Review

Hey beautifuls, hope you are having a great week. As you know I love handmade skin care products and cannot get enough of those, today also I will be talking about one such product. I do not suffer from excessive under eye darkness, but I have puffiness and recently due to lack of sleep I have started getting some black patches around the eyes. I got the Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel just at time to try.

About Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel:
Lightens skin by fading away the pigmentation. Contains Saffron, Vitamin A, B, B2 & C.

Price: Rs.150 for 15ml

Packaging: Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel comes in a white pot with a white twist open cover.

Product: The eye cream is a saffron coloured gel with saffron strands in it. It has a very nice aroma.

My Experience: The Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel looks incredibly beautiful and smells great too. Frankly I did not take that much interest in it and underestimated it considering it to be just a pretty product. However, after using it every night, my opinion has changed totally. I use it before applying my night cream around the eye area. It gives a nice cooling sensation and leaves the delicate skin quite hydrated. You can feel the difference the next morning as you see the general morning puffiness is much controlled.

The saffron and Vitamin C in the Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel makes it brighten the skin around the eye area. The light gel texture does not sit heavy on the delicate skin and you do not need to massage it for long. The packaging is handy and the uniform gel texture does not get messy. The darkness around the eye area reduces considerably. The eyes look brighter and more awakened.

1.Reduces puffiness
2.Makes eyes more awakened
3.Reduces under eye circle considerably with regular use
4.Small quantity required
5.Made with saffron and vitamin C
6.Gentle to the skin
7.Smells amazing
8.Handy packaging
9.Makes the eye area brighter



Aroma Essentials Corrector Under Eye Night Gel is a wonderful product to reduce puffiness and dark undereyes. The use of saffron and vitamin C makes it a very beneficial gel to brighten the area with gentle care. I would strongly suggest this gel to all.

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