Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar Review

I have used tons of soaps since last year. One of the brands that I had used is Aster Luxury Soaps. Today I will be reviewing Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar.

About Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar:
Natural Papaya Soap Enriched with goodness of Papaya that helps removes dead skin cells and pamper your skin for a smooth, fairer younger looking skin. This soap removes dark spots and blemishes and brings out fresh and brighter skin. It helps removing dead skin cells and eliminates acne. Using it regularly improves skin tone & complexion. Benefits of Papaya Soap: Lighten Pigmentation. Removes Dark Spots. Make Skin Fairer and acne free. Exfoliate dead skin cells. Improve Skin complexion. Usage: Firmly hold the aster luxury handmade bathing bar and run all over the wet body. This soap gives good lather that will clean your whole body. Apply lather all over body before showering off.

Price: Rs.150 for 125 g. Available at 46% discount here

Packaging: Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar comes in a double plastic wrapping.

Product: The bar is saffron in colour and opaque with a nice light fragrance of papaya.

My experience: First of all I would love to congratulate Aster on improving the packaging A double layered plastic wrapper idea is incredible, as you can see the product as well as keep it protected for long. Secondly the texture of the Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar is very creamy, much improvised than the earlier lot of soaps. It lathers decently and leaves the skin soft. The fragrance is very light and stays with you for a long time.

I love the creamy smooth feel after a bath with Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar. The soap truly feels luxurious on the skin. It can help tackle issues of pigmentation as its natural papaya goodness works on lightening darkness. The presence of coconut oil and glycerin makes the sop good to use on dry skin too. The overall complexion is much improved with daily use. 

1.Lathers well
2.Creamy texture
3.Fresh fragrance
4.Softens skin
5.Has brightening qualities of papaya
6.Leaves skin smooth
7.Lightens pigmentation
8.Brightens skin

1.Melts fast


Aster Papaya Luxury Bathing Bar is a nice bathing bar, truly luxurious for the skin. It is cruelty free and leaves the skin softer and plumper. 

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