Monday, September 14, 2015

BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish Review & Price

As I always say, hair issues has always been with me forever. However, recently I have got hold of some great products that are making my hair appear much better, almost controlling the shine, frizz and dullness. Today I will be talking about BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish.

About BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish:
This lightweight heavyweight gives even the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. It’s about maximum shine with minimum fuss. Step into the spotlight.

Price: Rs.550 for 150ml
Rs. 250 for 30ml
Available here

Packaging: The BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish comes in a bright blue coloured bottle metallic finish and a transparent cap with a spray mouth.

My Experience: My hair looks very dull, specially after a day of shampooing. I needed a product like BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish to give my lacklustre locks the shine it needed. I like the nice packaging of BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish. The usage is also given very clearly on the bottle. As I said my hair usually looks quite dull on the next day of shampooing, I have used this product on those days only. I have dry hair, and it gave me a decent shine when sprayed. I liked that unlike the shine boosting serums it is not greasy. However, the shine it provides is not that effective on my dry hair. I guess the BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish is perfect for those with a bit oily hair.

I like the mild smell of the spray and generally carry it around in my large purse while travelling out for a long time. I find it actually does a good job to tame the frizz too. Specially if used with the BBlunt Anti Frizz Leave In Cream, the appearance it gives to my locks, is quite impressive. But as a stand alone product for providing shiny glossy hair it does a better than average job. You can actually keep it handy for quick shine boost as it is available in a travel size of 30ml as well.

1.Gives an immediate shine boost to the hair
2. Mild smell
3. Controls frizz to some extent
4. Somewhat tames hair
5. Can be useful for oily hair
6. Nice packaging
7.Available in travel size also
8. Usage instruction provided in details

1.May not be very effective for very dry and rough hair


BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish is a good product to provide shine and control frizz. It can be used as a post styling product to give your locks a nice sheen.

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