Sunday, September 27, 2015

French Gel Nail Exension with Glitters Manicure by The Home Salon

My nails have been the most neglected part, when it comes to grooming. There are several reasons and one of them is working half the time in kitchen. However, when The Home Salon approached me, I thought of giving my nails the attention they probably have craved for all these while.

About The Home Salon:
The Home Salon is your perfect at-home salon service. They have a wide range of services which you can get at the comfort of your home. Skilled beauty experts are appointed to provide the best of services at your preferred time. All you have to do is book the service you want to avail and give them your preferred time and location. Their representatives will arrive at your doorstep on time and will provide you the best of their services. All the things to be used will be provided by them. There is easy option of payment both by card and cash.
The Home Salon provides services covering skin, hair , nails, body spa and also different packages.

My Experience with The Home Salon French Gel Nail Extension with Glitters Manicure:
The appointment was booked at 3pm on a weekday. I received a confirmation call the previous day and also a text message with the confirmation details. Prior to the fixed time, the nail art expert called me to confirm the place and details. She reached on time and without wasting any time, started the service.

First she did away with the unwanted cuticles, which was in a bad shape. Then she buffed my nails. and cut the nails to the size it would be comfortable to attach the gel nails. I liked how she was ensuring and confirming before progressing to any step. Then she adjusted gel nails according to my nail shape and proceeded to attach with the glue. After each nail was done, I had to put my hand inside the UV Lamp Light for a few seconds. After all the nails were done I had to put my hand again under the UV Lamp Light, this time for a longer time.

Then she applied a coat of nail strengthener on top and  another coat of top polish. She then buffed and shaped my nails to square shape which I had always wanted. I could see the nice transformation of my nails and was quite happy.

Then came the glitter selection part. I did not want it to be too jazzy so I opted for a silver star shaped glitter and a turquoise heart shaped one. She placed the glitters just on the rim of the nails and it looked quite chic. She offered to give some colours and go for a much detailed design but I was running out of time, so wanted it to be simple.

Value of the service: Rs.2800/-

Time Required :2+ hours

Rating: 4/5

Overall I am quite pleased with my nail transformation from The Home Salon. More than that I was pleased with the service provided by The Home Salon. It was a pleasure to see that she was being very patient and was willing to give more time to beautify my nails. I wish I had more time. The cleanliness and promptness was also worth the mention. Every thing was cleaned properly before and after usage. She mostly used Ranara Nail products and LYN tools. I was expecting a few Sally Hansen or OPI.

To check the services offered by The Home Salon please check their website here

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