Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap Review

Recently I have started having my evening coffee with a sprinkle of chocolate powder. So, when I got the Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap for review I was so glad.

About Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap:
Wake your tired skin up with this heavenly soap !
❖ Fine Coffee grounds exfoliate the skin
❖ Coffee helps burn cellulite
❖ The antioxidants in caffeine improve the look of your skin and retains its youthful appearance.
❖ Formulated for all skin types and ages 5 and above

Price: Rs170

Packaging: Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap comes wrapped in a thin plastic wrapper.

Product: As like other soaps of the brand, this one also has a light brown body with swirls of dark brown all over and a nice but light smell

My Experience: Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap ignites a lot of enthusiasm in all chocolate lovers. I personally am addicted to the thought of a sweet-bitter aroma. The smell although has a hint of that sweet bitter delight, but falls quite short of your expectation. However, those who like mild fragrances, it is good for them. This soap is truly gentle for the skin. It has exfoliating properties which polishes the skin nice getting rid of dead cells.

Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap leaves the skin quite soft and buttery. It does not feel dry. Although the smell is quite mellow, there is a mild fragrance that remains with you for long. I enjoy that. It is said to act on cellulite due to the presence of coffee. I can relate to that as I have made some DIY coffee scrubs before and had got good results.

1.Cruelty free
2.Made with ground coffee
3.Antioxidant properties
4.Mild fragrance
5.Leaves skin soft
6.Works on cellulite
7.Lathers well

1.Fragrance could have been better, given the ingredients
2.Melts fast


Ida Coffee & Chocolate Natural Handmade Soap is a nice bathing bar to exfoliate the skin with some rich cocoa & caffeine properties. It is a great buy for the upcoming dry season to make your skin softer and smoother.
To know more about IDA Naturals visit here

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