Friday, September 11, 2015

IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar Review

I love floral fragrances and lavender is a fragrance very close to my heart. I was quite happy to receive the IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar and today I will be reviewing that.

About IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar:
Lavender Bathing Bar is a natural and powerful yet gentle antiseptic bathing bar that thoroughly cleanses, purifies and detoxifies your skin of all the germs and infectious materials. The antiseptic and cleansing properties of lavender, thyme and rosemary help to unclog skin pores and deeply cleanse the skin on a cellular level, leaving you feeling fresh and scrupulously clean with a revitalizing aroma of lavender that exudes from your body throughout the day.

Price: Rs.125 Available here

Packaging: The IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar comes in a cream cardboard packaging and the bar is wrapped in a thin plastic wrapper.

Product: The bar is purple and black in colour and has a slightly rough texture with a mild smell.

My Experience: I have used a couple of lavender soaps before and I have liked most of them. What attracted more to the IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar  is its antiseptic properties. It is said to purify and detoxify skin by getting rid of germs. I like the slightly rough texture that actually provides an exfoliating effect on the skin. It lathers decently. The smell is also quite mild and lingers for a certain period of time. I like the squeaky clean feel that it provides after a shower.

IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar is somewhat drying for my dry body skin. So I need to moisturize immediately after a bath. However I think for oily and normal skin the bathing bar should be perfectly fine. The best thing is the antiseptic properties and the infusion of thyme and rosemary. If you are suffering from rashes and itchiness it will get rid of that. I quite like the soap for this thing and the mild smell.

1.Free from harmful chemicals
2.Goodness of lavender, thyme & rosemary
4.Nice smell
5.Good packaging
6.Lathers decently
7.Has an exfoliating effect
8.Detoxifies skin with its antiseptic properties

1.Is a bit drying for dry skin


IHA Lavender Antiseptic Bathing Bar  is a good bathing bar with antiseptic properties that detoxifies and purifies while cleansing the skin and leaves it free of germs.

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