Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Loving Life with #TATASkyTransfer

The basic needs of humans are said to be three things- Food, clothes and a shelter ( do wakt Ki roti, kapda aur makan) but nowadays cell phones have contributed to these basic necessities. Its the primary necessity of humans. It is also said that we can live without food but cannot live without our mobile phones ( ajkal insaan khane ke bina toh reh sakte hai par phone ke bina nahi ). At least I can't live without my phone. I'm stuck with my phone 24*7. Be it entertainment, work, studies or project work my phone becomes my life saver. I'm always checking out my social media, surfing the net, listening songs on the go, texting my friends and so on.

My mobile is like my life partner - For me forever. Even, I blog through my phone and with that I find it handy to carry it in the purse and type on the go. After opening my eyes the very first thing I do in the morning is checking out my phone. I'm a mobile addict. I love watching movies on my phone and sometimes if I miss my favourite show I check them out on the internet but not always the internet connection cooperates with me. Not to worry!!! With the Tata Sky+ +Transfer App it becomes much more easier and simpler. Want to know how simple it is? Take a look at the details:

Running late for your favourite TV show? Don’t you worry! Have it recorded and watch it at leisure whenever you get back home.

Fighting for TV is past. Get your favourite TV show transferred to your mobile phone using the Wi-Fi at home. And watch it relentlessly. I'm always fighting with my mom for the remote since her favourite program and my favourite program come on the same time. But now with this feature no fights anymore!


Be it making that boring bus ride interesting or stealing a moment from a busy day for the fan in you - carry your favourite TV show wherever you go. And watch it without an internet connection. In between boring chemistry lectures this saves the day!!😜


Feel like watching some recorded content right away, but someone else is watching TV. You can instantly stream your recorded show and you don’t even have to wait for the content to transfer. That's the secret mom why I don't fight with you anymore for the remote. I stream my show.😜


Spare a couple of moments on how to use it first. Just a couple of moments, really. It’s that simple. I am sure you want to get it now itself.

Connect your Tata Sky Transfer set-top box and your mobile device to the home Wi-Fi. Download the Tata Sky mobile app and sign in with your subscriber ID. Activate the Transfer Pack on your account.Transfer the recorded shows from your set-top box to your mobile device. Open the Transfer section on your mobile app and enjoy your recorded shows till you drop

These are the details provided by Tata sky. All the procedures are so easy. Its like crystal clear water. I guarantee you that you will not get disappointed with the Tata Sky +transfer app but it will make your life much easier yet interesting. There will be no boredom in your life. Be it in your home, in the workplace, school, college or the bus stop. This will act as a life-saver. So, what are you guys thinking now? Download the app right now and if you don't have the Tata Sky set top box then get it right now and you will automatically say " Isse laga dala to life jingalala." A big shoutout to #TATASkyTransfer.

By Airene

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