Thursday, September 10, 2015

Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser Review

There may be very few who do not like the taste and flavour of chocolates. If it was possible I would have converted every flavour to chocolaty nutty scents. And for people like me, brands come up with cool products. Today I will be reviewing the Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser.

About Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser:
Finally, a cleanser that puts the fun back into the rather serious job of removing makeup, excess oil and grime from your face. Indulge in a caring, soft, chocolaty experience that also gently scrubs your face with natural cellulose scrub. Antioxidant cocoa butter nourishes your skin and keeps it looking young and supple!

Price: Rs.315 for 75ml Available here at 12% discount
Packaging: Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser comes in a white cardboard packaging with chocolate coloured fonts. The product is filled in a white tube with a transparent flip open cap.

Product: The cleanser is light coffee coloured and has a lotion like texture with very minute dark grains.It smells like a chocolate drink.

My Experience: I have used the body cleanser and lotion from Choco Latte Range and liked it. With Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser, I debuted with chocolates on face. I like the usual packaging of Plum, very simple and no-fuss. The smell is delicious like a chocolate drink. It does not foam much but thats how cleansers are. A very small amount is required for the face and neck. I like the gentle effect with the very mild exfoliation. It really gives a softer skin post cleanup. It is suitable for all skin type.

The natural cellulose scrub of the Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser gently takes off impurities, leaving the skin cleaner and softer. What is good is it is rich in antioxidants and makes the skin much youthful. It takes off light to medium makeup. However, if you want to take off very heavy full coverage makeup it will not be enough. Antioxidants sometimes react on very sensitive skin, so it would be great to check before using it.

1.Made with Cocoa and sunflower seed oil
2.Cleanses impurities thoroughly
3.Leaves skin clean and soft
4.Makes the skin youthful
5.Suitable for all skin type
6.Does not dry out skin
7.Very gentle to the skin
8.Has exfoliating effect
9.Rich in antioxidant
10.Smells like chocolate drink
11.Removes light to medium makeup

1.May not be suitable to remove very heavy coverage makeup
2.May be not suitable for very sensitive skin


Plum Choco Latte Doubly Sinful Cleanser is a very good cleansing agent to clean impurities from face and leave the skin softer and cleaner. I would recommend it to those who love the taste of chocolates in their skin care products.

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