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VLCC Gold Facial Kit Review & Price

It is very surprising, probably quite weird that although I am a beauty blogger, I have done a facial only once or twice in my life. I have heard a lot of good things about gold facial and I thought of going for an at-home gold facial with VLCC Gold Facial Kit.

About VLCC Gold Facial Kit:
A revolutionary, 6 Step Facial System that helps you get that Facial Glow at the convenience of your home. It's a Do It Yourself Facial Kit, which allows you to get your facial done, all by yourself. It comes in the form of a Kit which combines all the steps that a facial session needs combined with products made of natural ingredients & VLCC's years of expertise. So, go ahead, get that Facial Glow with VLCC 6 Step Facial Kit, anytime, anywhere.

Price: Rs. 235 Available here

Packaging: The VLCC Gold Facial kit comes in a golden cardboard box. Inside the products are present in sachets.

VLCC Gold Facial Kit consists of

1.Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner
Enriched with comfrey extract and aloe vera, this 2 in 1 cleanser has to be massaged on the skin for 2-3 minutes and wiped off with a moist cotton pad.

The cleanser is creamy white and lotiony in texture with a fruity smell. It is a bit oily on the skin but when wiped off, makes the skin look clear.

2. Gold Scrub
Made with turmeric and gold leaf, this scrub is to be applied and massaged gently on skin for 5 minutes.

The scrub is a gold coloured gel with very fine beads in it and a very nice smell. When rinsed it gives a very clear and glowing complexion and also leaves the skin soft.

3. Gold Gel:
Made with Gamut and Gold Leaf, this gel has to be massaged with light fingers on the ski till it gets absorbed.

The gel is again golden in colour and has the same smell that of the scrub. It does not take much time to get absorbed and leaves the skin quite luminous but feels somewhat sticky.

4. Gold Cream:
Made with wheatgerm & Gold oxide, this cream has to be massaged on the skin with circular movement till it gets absorbed.

The cream is yellowish in colour and takes some time to get absorbed into the skin. One way it is better as the more the massage is done the better for the skin. After the cream is fully absorbed it leaves the skin quite sticky.

5. Gold Peel Off Mask:
Infused with lemon peel & gold oxide this mask has to be applied in a thin layer on the skin.
The mask is golden in colour and thick in consistency with a little pungent smell.

The mask is quite thick and to apply it in a thin layer is quite difficult. Once applied it takes 10-12 minutes to get fully dried. Once dried, the peeling is considerably better than some other peel off masks. It leaves some residue but actually gets peeled off somewhat smoothly. The skin actually becomes radiant by now and much clearer too,

6. Oil Free Moisturizing Gel:
This light yellow coloured gel is made up of aloe vera and has spf15.

It takes a bit time to get absorbed and often may feel sticky on the face. However, the radiance provided is so amazing. It makes the skin glow.

First of all, I love the outer packaging of the VLCC Gold Facial Kit which depicts the gold theme quite appropriately. However, as most of the products are available in sachets, I guess it is meant for one time use. But the amount provided can easily be used 2-3 times. So I would have preferred a capped sachet like the cleanser and toner & gel moisturizer So, as long as 2-3 people are not doing a facial with the set, it is difficult to keep the products for such a long time.

The overall experience with VLCC Gold Facial Kit  is quite good. It really does a great job to clear the complexion, specially if you have a tan. The skin becomes softer and very radiant. It appears quite luminous under strong light. The products are a bit sticky and your skin may feel sticky for sometime after the facial. I feel the VLCC Gold Facial Kit is a very good at-home facial product that not only can improve the skin texture but also can remove darkness and tan easily.


VLCC Gold Facial Kit is a very affordable and useful facial kit to do quick at home facials for those who do not get time to hit the salon.

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