Monday, October 26, 2015

5 #SoftestForBabySkin Tips

A baby is as tender as a bud, as soft as cotton. A baby needs complete care and protection to grow properly. One of the most essential and largest organ of a baby is its skin, which is as soft as the yet to be blossomed petals of a bud. We need to take care of its skin in every possible way. so that it is caressed with care and left softer, smoother and remain protected from external hazards.

Here are 5 essential tips for #SoftestForBabySkin:

1. Oil Oil Baby: Modern mothers may ignore this age old therapy that has been practiced for ages, but an oil massage actually gives softer skin. Often a baby's skin can be very dry and sensitive. A regular oil massage with a good baby oil or pure Virgin oils can be essentially helpful for the baby. A skilled oil massage therapy with circular movements not only help to make the skin softer and smoother, it can also make the baby's skin glowing. There are different internal benefits of oil massage as well, like increase in healthy blood circulation and adding strength to muscles and limbs for a healthy growth of the baby.

2. H2O Therapy: Often we may feel that babies are too tender to get close to water and we just go for sponge baths or moist towel wraps. But getting the baby into a tub of warm water is actually going to be good. Water intake internally is the best for skin, the baby gets it through its mother's milk. However, even the touch of water externally can bring a big difference. It will retain the natural oils of the skin.

3. Softy Softy fabrics: It is very important to see what fabric is being used to dress the baby, or even the wraps and panties. It is always advisable to use pure cotton materials for the baby in summers and good quality woolen ones during winter. Harsh fabrics like net etc can cause irritation to the baby's skin, often leaving it red and even scratched.

4. Cleanliness is Loveliness: It is very essential to make the baby wear fresh clothes. To avoid skin rashes and allergies, the baby wear should be changed in regular intervals. The clothes should be cleaned with fabric softening soaps and even dipped with antiseptic liquids for a bacteria free wash.

5. Diaper Wiper: Using a good and branded diaper is perhaps the most important thing to keep the baby's skin soft. The diaper should be a good one that can assure the baby stay dry for a long time. Leaking nappies and diapers can cause extreme discomfort to the baby and can be very harmful for its tender skin. So make sure to make your baby wear the best quality diaper to make it happier.


  So these are few #SoftestForBabySkin Tips that will ensure your baby stays healthy and and hassle-free all the time.

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