Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Tasty Affair with Biryani Affair

Hey beautifuls, by now you must have come to know what a big foodie I am. I love my rice more than anything and when I came to know about Biryani Affair, I had to give it a try.

About Biryani Affair:
Biryani Affair, located in Andheri serves a range of Biryanis with some very romantic names. You get interesting bits like Umrao Jaan Biryani, Shrin-Khusro Maharaja Chicken Biryani and so on. It is your one-stop destination to get the best of Biryanis at your doorstep, along with some side dishes and condiments.

My Experience with Biryani Affair:
My order was just on time as promised within 8 to 9pm. The menu delivered was more than enough for 2 people. I received the Salim Anarkali Timeless Chicken Biryani and Dakhni Mirch Murg, along with a small bowl of raita, some dhaniya chutney and Mirchi ka Salan and a packet full of onion rings .

The packaging is quite sturdy and perfect for orders, even if you want it as a lunch box menu. The Biryani came in a paper box with the Dakhni Mirch Murg in a flat box. The side dishes came in small bowls and the onion rings were wrapped in a silver wrap. Some tissue papers and plastic spoon were also provided along with the meal.

The taste of the Salim Anarkali Timeless Chicken Biryani was quite good, of course it could have been better. But the real surprise came with the Dakhni Mirch Murg. The tender chicken is cooked into perfection with the right amount of spices. The chicken pieces provided i the biryani was also very tender and I was glad to see 6 pieces of decent sized pieces, which is quite rare. The raita could have been less sour. Mirchi ka salan was good. I wished they had provided some  green chilies with the onion rings.

Overall my experience with Biryani Affair was quite good. I would totally recommend everyone to order from them for any occasion as well. This meal was Rs.330 and if I would have ordered for a gathering of 7-8 people a 1 kg order would have costed me just Rs1600. Biryani Affair is indeed a tasty affair with good value for money.
To order from Biryani Affair call 022-30151155 or order online here

**I was offered the services, my views are unbiased

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