Friday, October 16, 2015

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash Review

For this festive season, who does not want a glow on her face? For a long lasting fresh face, a good brightening face wash is very necessary. Today I would be talking about one such face wash, Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash.

About Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash :
Get a tan free, fair & glowing skin with this unique combination, powered by skin whitening globules and natural extracts.crafted from : licorice and curcuma extracts (ambahalad ark) to remove tan and reduce melanin peel (santra chal ark) oil for deep exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. French lavender oil and honey to soothe and moisturize your skin.egyptian geranium oil for skin toning and imparting a natural glow.

Price: Rs.199 for 50ml 
Rs.349 for 100ml Available here

Packaging: Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash comes in a green and gold plastic tube.

Product: The face wash is brownish gold with a gel like texture and green beads. The smell is very nice and fresh.

My experience: Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash has a nice packaging but I wish the plastic was a bit more sturdy. The smell is very nice, and has a lemon zing to it. The face wash foams decently. What I like most are the small green beads that melts while coming in contact with your skin. It gives a fresh feel to the skin. The skin looks brighter and fresher. The face wash has an exfoliating effect on skin, thus improving the complexion. 

Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash leave the skin soft and fresh. It does not dry the skin It is infused with orange peel, which is known as an active rejuvenation agent. The face wash brightens the face quite well. I do not see any huge effect on the spots or pigmentation though. But it is a good face wash for all types of skin.

1.Brightening face wash
2.Smells great
3.Has the goodness of orange peel extracts
4.Does not dry skin
5.Imparts a nice glow
6.Suitable for all sin types
7.A very small amount is required
8.Green beads present for exfoliation.

1.The plastic tube is not that sturdy
2.Could have bee more effective on spots and pigmentation


Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Face Wash is a nice exfoliating face wash that improves the complexion, leaving it glowing. It does a good job to make skin radiant and fresh.

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