Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bring Home the Chef with Cyber Chef

Hey girlies, currently I have shifted to a new house and busy rearranging stuffs and so it is quite difficult for me to cook a proper meal. As it is festival time for us, we are used to preparing nice delicacies at home, during this time. Recently Cyber Chef was kind enough to deliver dinner at my doorstep.

The lavish dinner consisted of items enough for 3 people. There was Nawabi Mutton Biryani served with Dahi Kachumber, Chicken Hakka Noodles served with Crispy potato- 2 meals and Chocochip Muffin- 2 portions. Although I was sent a menu consisting of an additional Hummus Pita and Tomato Vermicelli Soup for 2, I did not receive that. However, this was more than enough.

The meals were packed well in Microwave proof plastic containers and were accompanied with enough tissues and spoons. I did not find any sauces to go with the Hakka noodles though!! The meal was hot and fresh. We started with the Chicken Hakka Noodles.

The Chicken Hakka Noodles was less oily, which was good, however I found it a bit bland, so the Crispy potato was very hot. Although they were perfect complements to each other, I thought the taste could have been improvised. Specially the Crispy Potato needs to get a bit mellowed down.

Then we started the Indian delicacies that consisted of Nawabi Mutton Biriyani with Dahi Kachumber. The Mutton Biriyani had the perfect taste, spicy yet not over the top. The meat pieces were tender and cooked to perfection. The browned onions on top balanced out the spice and gave it a better taste. The Dahi Kachumber was equally good and perfectly complemented the Biriyani.

All's well that's end's well!! The ending was Chocochip muffins. The portion was small, but enough for a dessert experience after a lavish meal. The taste was good too,it could have been a bit softer though.

Overall the experience from  Cyberchef has been quite good. Cyberchef serves sumptuous meals at your doorstep if you are staying at either Mumbai or Gurgaon and you can go through the offerings from their website here

*I was offered their services for review consideration

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