Friday, October 2, 2015

Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler Review

A few days back, we had a wonderful opportunity to interact with famous Bollywood director Farah Khan, on the launch of a new product with a new concept, Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler. After initial meet & greet, Farah Khan, who is the Face of Coccoon, led us through the advantages and usage of Coccoon. It was a very nice session and we got to know a lot from the talented director.

About Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler:
Instantly conceal the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with this non-greasy wonder. Enriched with Vitamin A, this paraben-free gel will make your skin look firmer, younger and smoother.

Price: Rs.999 for 20g Available at Best Deal Tv

Packaging: Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler comes in a moss green outer cardboard packaging with gold fonts. The product comes secure in a white and transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispenser.

Product: The product is a fragrance free and weightless gel.

My Experience: Personally I do not have severe issues of wrinkles, however, I have few fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead, in between my brows. So I was looking at Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler as a pre-makeup smoothener. My very initial liking starts with the cute packaging. I love the moss green and gold packaging and also the very lightweight bottle that can be carried easily in your purse for a quick boost to your skin. Secondly, the non-greasy gel texture is quite good and makes it suitable for all types of skin. The Vitamin A enriched product, acts as an instant sealer on any lines. It makes the skin velvety smooth, just like a good primer.

Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler, by itself gives a nice satin smooth veil on the skin. It does not make your skin extraordinarily glowing, however, you can see that it actually makes the skin look much smoother. I am sure, it will be really helpful for those with issues of prominent wrinkles. I have found that it makes the makeup application much easier and makes the skin look much flawless. The makeup stays for a relatively longer period of time and appears much satiny.

2.Smooths lines
3.Enriched with Vitamin A
4.Gives a satin effect
5.Makes makeup stay longer

2.Effect is not long lasting


Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler is a good investment for instant uplifting and smoothening of skin to minimize wrinkles and lines. It can act as a nice primer to provide a canvas for a flawless makeup.

To know more about Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler check here

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