Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Feast this Navratri at Feeast @ East

Hey beautifuls, those of you who follow me on Instagram, already know how big a foody I am!! And yes, I can cook too. Well, when a foodie like me gets invited for a authentic Bengali restaurant launch, you can expect a blast!! So, this Saturday I had the chance to get my taste buds soaked into some awesome foods at Feeast @ East, a newly opened restaurant at Mahim, specializing in Bengali cuisine along with other Indian varieties.

The decor of Feeast @ East is quite unique with comic strips and glimpses of Kolkata in Graffiti all around. I generally love this kind of decor that represents a city or region and being a born-Kolkatan I immediately felt being close to my city- The City of Joy!! The sitting place is not that spacious, although it is quite cozy. We received a very warm and friendly welcome from the owner, Mr. Sougata Sengupta and our rendezvous with various food commenced with a bang.

Anyone who hails from Kolkata, or has lived in the city, knows very well, that along with the plush curries, street food is another major attraction. The welcome drink was Aam Porar Sharbat. We started with various starters, the ones in veg were Paneer Kabab which was juicy and soft. Then there was heart shaped vegetable chops, which was a bit different from the ones we get in Kolkata. The non-vegetarian starters included Fish fingers and chicken cutlet. The fish finger was at its tastiest best and I was really glad that it was actually filled with fish fillets more and the crumbs less. The chicken cutlet was tasty, and had some mint leaves in it, which is very unlike Kolkata food. All these were accompanied with potato wedges.

Then the food moved to Luchi, the white flour version of Poori and Radhavallabi- a green peas stuffed Kachaouri along with Aloo Dum. The Luchi and Radhavallabi were really tasty. The Dum Aloo could have been better though. Then the main course started along with steamed rice and few Bengali vegetarian delicacies like Mug Dal with Matarshuti, Chhanar Dalna and Dhokar Dalna. These reflected the real taste of Bengal in true sense. We enjoyed every bit of these dishes.

Mr. Sengupta was kind enough to ask us our choices before each dish was presented. And as per our request another Bengal special, Mutton Mughlai Paratha was served. The minced meat was very tasty with mint leaves added to it, again a bit different from the Kolkata variety. It was crispy and mouth-watering. A bowl of Amsatta and Khejurer Chutney summed up the delicious and elaborate meal.

Feeast @ East is one of the best places to have Bengali food in Mumbai, for sure. Along with Bengali they also serve various popular cuisines like Mughlai, Chinese etc. The service is very good and prompt. We loved and enjoyed every bit of the time spent at the restaurant.

If you want to visit or order from Feeast @ East please visit their website here

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