Monday, October 19, 2015

Feeling Free with #FrizzFreeHair

Hey beautifuls, I love attending blogger's meets and when it is only for ladies, it has to be something special. Recently Indiblogger and Dabur Vatika has arranged an outstanding event at BJ Hall, Mumbai. Nearly all noted women bloggers were present at the venue. And when there are so many enthusiastic lionesses, ready to explore a #FrizzFreeHair experience, how can one not expect some roars!!

And the roaring event started with a superb Live Performance by the Indiband. It was entertaining, ravishing and totally took the women folk by storm!! We danced , swayed to their tunes and joined them with full spirit. What a warm up session for the upcoming part.

Then there was an interesting update about Dabur hair oils and Dabur Vatika. We were introduced to Dabur Vatika's New Launch, Dabur Vatika Jasmine, which is an incredible blend of coconut oil with jasmine. The launch was really special and we could smell the beautiful fragrance of jasmine all around. We got a detailed view about oiling and the benefits of jasmine oil for hair from Top Executives of Dabur Vatika.

The most interesting part was the interactive session of Rock, Paper Scissors Game. During the course of the game we interacted with other fellow bloggers and even the students from NMIMS who were present at the occasion. It was fun and really interesting. We totally forgot the fact that we are grown ups living in a serious world. Sometimes it is so necessary to bring out the inner child in us to enjoy freedom.

The lunch was quite nice and I was really interested to get my hair styled at the live Hair Experience counter, but my bad that I was in a hurry and had to skip the idea. And some of my friends increased my repentance by showing the lovely styling they got from the counter.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience with a lot to know, a lot to share and a lot to take home. We will wait for more events like this from you, Indiblogger are you listening?

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