Friday, October 30, 2015

Herbal Hair Spa with Ida Naturals and Shudhvi

Hey beautifuls, I got a request from one of my blog readers for a Hair Spa. And here I am bringing to you a Herbal Hair Spa Experience at home.

What I require for the Herbal Hair Spa:
I take the Ida Naturals Herbal Hair Pack, which is 100% natural and made with green gram , henna, areetha amla, brahmi and a whole lot of herbal ingredients. It is a brownish powder. 3 tablespoons of the powder has to be mixed with either yogurt or water to make a paste. I have used yogurt as I thought it would leave my hair softer.(my idea)

The Ida Naturals Herbal Hair Pack smells typically like any herbal product. The paste has to be applied on the scalp and massaged for a while. It should be left for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinsed off with a herbal shampoo.

For rinsing I use the Shudhvi Naturals Ultra Nourishing Hair Wash. This is a very interesting product. It comes as flakes in a plastic packet. You need to soak the product overnight and in the morning you can use it as a shampoo. The Shudhvi Naturals Ultra Nourishing Hair Wash foams decently. It forms a very light liquid and cleanses the pack thoroughly. As it is mild I require a lot of it to wash off the hair pack. But that is fine as I do not like harsh products for my hair.

The Shudhvi Naturals Ultra Nourishing Hair Wash has a light herbal smell. It leaves the hair quite soft and silky.

I am left with really soft hair after this Herbal hair spa. I like how the hair looks much nourished and quite shiny. I would suggest a quick application of a light nourishing oil like Argan oil for better results.

Hope you liked this Herbal Hair Spa. If you want to know more about Ida Naturals please visit their Facebook Page here
For Shudhvi Naturals products you can visit their website here

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