Monday, October 26, 2015

IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar Review

Hey beautifuls, how can the so called soap addict stay far from handcrafted soaps!! And so I am back with a soap review and that is IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar.

About IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar:
IHA Honey Dry Skin Bathing Bar is a rich creamy Body Wash that cleanses, moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy, sensitive and irritated skin. Its natural actives, moisturizers and emollients like honey, milk, mango and kokum butter provide natural moisture balance to your skin and you emerge from your bath feeling soft well-moisturized and delicately scented with the sweet aroma of Honey and Orange.

Price: Rs.140 Available here

Packaging: IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar comes in a cream coloured outer packaging. Inside the soap is wrapped in a plastic film.

Product: The bar is light brown in colour with a nice fruity smell.

My experience: I have dry body skin, which is behaving well nowadays, due to proper use of certain products. But still I look out for products that is helpful for my dry skin. So, when I started using IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar, I was quite excited but at the same time quite tensed. Why, because strangely I am allergic to honey. As I said I loved the fragrance of the soap, it has a sweet fruity touch to it. The soap lathers quite well and the skin feels very soft like velvet.

IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar is a truly softening soap, that cleanses the skin without stripping away the natural oils. It retains the moisture of the skin and makes t smooth and soft. And thankfully, although honey is not suitable for me, I did not find any issues with this soap. I found the soap to be extremely useful for people with dry and sensitive skin.

1.Cruelty free
2.Smells fruity
3.Goodness of honey and orange
5.Makes the skin soft
6.Retains moisture of the skin
7.Foams well
8.Does not melt

1.May not be suitable for acne prone or very oily skin


IHA Honey Moisturising Dry Skin Bathing Bar is a truly moisturising soap that does a good job to make skin softer and smoother without stripping off the oil.

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