Monday, October 5, 2015

Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream Review

Hey beautifuls, if you are a regular reader of my blog you must be knowing that I have been some skin care products from the cruelty-free brand Juvena Herbals. Today I will be talking about Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream.

About Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream:
Turmeric and orange rich in vitamin C serve as a natural shield against sun . Papaya , carrot have vitamin a to protect skin against harmful sun radiations . Sandal cures sunburns. Aloe Vera and water-melon give nourishment and help retain moisture and elasticity of skin . Serves as non-oily moisturizer for oily skin . A good make-up base in place of foundation . For 5-10 minutes of sunscreen application one feels dryness on skin, but after 10 minutes the moisture of your skin mixes with the sunscreen and creates a natural film of moisture (glow) in a non-oily appearance . Even if you are at home apply sunscreen because it cares for and cures skin because it has all natural effective ingredients . Juvena's sunscreen has SPF-15 unlike other sunscreens that claim to have SP-30. High SPF has been proved to be carcinogenic by latest research . So Juvena believes in naturally protecting skin against sun radiations.

Price: Rs.150

Packaging: Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream comes in a pearly white oval plastic jar with a twist open cover.

Product:The shiny off-white cream has a very soft souffle lie texture and very light consistency and comes with a nice smell.

My Experience: Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream comes in the cutest packaging possible. The jar looks like a huge pearl, I wish it had an inner lid to avoid transfer to the inside of the lid. The texture is also very light and perfect to give a matte coverage throughout the day.  As said, it is suitable for oily skin and people with normal to dry skin may require a moisturizer, prior to application. The natural ingredients protects the skin and gives a bright and glowing skin. It fades away tan with daily use. And the skin does not further look dull.

Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream has a tendency to make you sweat if you immediately go out in the sun post application. It is better to wait for 10-15 minutes and face the sun and it works much better that way. As claimed by the brand, it can be used as a makeup base, however, you have to cover spots and blemishes with a concealer as it does not give any coverage, but only provides a natural glow. 

1.Cruelty free
2.Natural ingredients
3.Gives a Natural glow
4.SPF 15 with natural sun shields
5.Packaging looks good
6.Light textured
7.Gives a matte effect
8.Smells nice
9.Can be used as a makeup base
10.Good for oily & combination skin

1.Tendency to transfer on the inner side of the lid
2.Can be dry for dry skin
3.If used as makeup, it cannot give any coverage


Juvena Herbals Sun Protection Cream is a good sunscreen for oily and combination skin if worn alone as a moisturizer. It is great for summers to give a nice glow to skin and to prevent skin from tanning and getting sun burnt.
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