Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Love. My #ChampIsBack

Hey ya guys! What's up? I heard that the #ChampIsBack . Yes, you got it right. Now you must be wondering about what and about whom I'm talking. Well, then take a deep breath and release after 10 seconds. Hold on to something tight because what I am going to tell you may give you a heart attack. Well, without much ado let me reveal what I'm talking about. Its the champion of the champions, king of mobile phones- The LG Nexus 5X.

A sleek and lightweight phone with a powerful performance, stylish design and more thrilling features. The LG Nexus was launched in 2012 and since then it is ruling hearts. The LG Nexus 5X is the developed generation of the LG Nexus Series. With back to back stunning features it is the hottest topic in the market. People like us who spend most of their time on the phone needs something which will never run out of battery and the LG Nexus 5X perfectly fits in this " Always available" category. One will never run out of battery even after using all the amazing Google apps, because its reversible USB Type-C charger charges at lightning speed! Wow, isn't that incredible?
Another thing I hate is when people touch and drool over my phone with or without my permission. Why do they don't understand that I don't want you to touch my phone. I hate it. Though I lock my phone with a security code every time but sometimes it is all revealed. The LG Nexus 5x has a solution to this as well and the greatest solution to my problem. It comes equipped with the Nexus Imprint, a fingerprint sensor that takes security and accessibility to apps to another level- Thanks to the LG Nexus 5X for bringing this in.

You know what I love most probably after blogging? It is to take beautiful snaps and record videos. To make my photos come to life I need a good camera rather the best camera and its not always possible to carry a DSLR around with me. The LG nexus 5X even got an answer to this problem as well- It comes with a 1.55μm-sized pixels and adding to this photos can be clicked in any light. Isn't it a pocket friendly DSLR? . 

With all these stunning features my world will be in my pocket. Oh god, I want this phone so badly. That fingerprint sensor, that battery life and that camera is literally a life-saver for people like us. Dad, I want this phone and you have to get me this. This will be my life partner. Dear LG Nexus 5x, I have fallen so strongly in love with you, will you be mine forever? Please don't say no. It will break me to pieces. I want you madly.

I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.

By Airene

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