Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#RealTogetherness with Nature

In this fast life we often forget to think about the surroundings and the people who live next to us. Our busy schedule often leaves us so involved in work, that we do not even look around to see nature and its beauty. Even we often ignore the people around us, but we should look around and try to be close together with our loved ones and even the people who stay nearby and realize the meaning of #RealTogetherness.

Nature is a healer and mender to the various sins that we human beings commit. History has shown that nature has influenced people to get into the right path, forgetting the wrong path. It has built a solid bridge between enemies and it has turned foes to friends. Then how about taking the help of our Mother Nature to build a strong bond of brotherhood between her children?

The world is slowly tearing apart, and we along with our children are forgetting to be together, to work together and to form a team so that we can take care of each other during times of needs. We can form communities in improving the surrounding areas by increasing the greenery. How about starting to plant some trees or taking care of the existing ones? Why don’t we indulge in beautifying the uncared bushes around us, mend those and trim those to make the society cleaner and greener.

This will increase the interaction among surrounding people. We will get to know each other well, we can start thinking of each other’s needs and wellbeing. This may sound a huge task, but once started it can quite ease the situation and will develop a beautiful bonding between different people. And our children will also learn how to be together and how to work together to build something good.

Our children learn from us, if we teach them to work together to come close to nature and love our surroundings, tomorrow they will create their world to be a more better place to live in. We should drive them to plant flowers, water the plants and get their hands into the mud to create new gardens. In this way they can form a team, come close to each other and know the meaning of being together to achieve something better.

Yes, gardening and planting trees are said to be truly inspiring activities for children to grow into good human beings of tomorrow. It makes them more responsible and makes them realize the feeling of creating something good and the joy of coming close to nature. Mother Nature has always taught us to be together, be it with her love or her wrath. She is the supreme decision maker in bringing us together and to actually realize the feeling of #RealTogetherness

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