Friday, October 2, 2015

Talvar: The Ignored Sword of Justice

The movie Talvar revolves around a sensitive issue of a murder involving a teenager. The movie has been shown from the conflict that arose amongst the investigating teams. The entire movie has been presented in a very intrigued manner. The locations used are so realistic that you feel like it is actually your own neighbourhood.

The characters depicted in Talvar have been portrayed in such a believable way, that often you seem to forget that you are actually watching a movie. The cast has been selected quite wisely and director Meghna Gulzar has not left any stone unturned in detailing of the characters, no matter how insignificant it is in the entire movie.

The actors have truly done justice to their roles. Irrfan Khan is at one of his best roles ever. Both Neeraj Kabi and Konkona Sen Sharma as the teenager’s parents are so perfect that you cannot really think of anyone else for those roles.  Gajraj  Rao as the investigating police officer is a revelation to watch. Starting from his careless attitude to taking serious things too lightly, he has done a truly commendable job. Tabu in her special appearance is a delight to watch, as usual.

A special mention is to be given to the background score. It perfectly gels with the sentiments of the situations, quite hard hitting at times when required and equally serene and mellow during moments that touches the heart. There was only one song in the movie and that also gelled so well with the simultaneous events, that you hardly feel it is out of context.

Often we have this idea that serious movies cannot be entertaining. But Talvar is a movie that deals with a sensitive issue without giving you a moment where you feel that it is dragging too much. Even its long running time is not a barrier due to the carefully crafted dialogues and the fine emotional touch that you can relate to. There are some moments of gruesomeness and crudeness, which may be a little too much to take for the faint hearted. But the subject dealt in the movie by itself is for people with strong nerves.

Overall Talvar is a distinct and straight forward movie, with adequate touches of twists and emotion, just when required. There is not even a single moment where you feel that things or situation have been forced, just to sensationalize the topic. if you still haven't watched the movie Talvar, go watch it now as it will give you lot of scope to think. Here is the Official Trailor of the movie.

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