Monday, October 26, 2015

The Goodnight D-Tan Ritual with Ayorma and Aroma Essentials

Hey beautifuls, how was Navratri? It was so hectic for me, as I shifted to a new house and had to arrange everything. After that I had to rush to enjoy the festivities. I hardly had time to pamper my skin, the way I like to do, with scrubs, oils, ubtan etc. However, in times of need always come products that are easy to use and gives results quickly. And there are some ways which will give better results.  And for these 9 days I followed a simple regime of using a body wash and a lotion to remove tan and give my skin a glow at night before going to bed.

What I used for my D-Tan ritual:
I used a body wash specially designed to brighten skin and make it glowing and that is the Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Body Wash. After a shower with that I applied a D-Tan lotion called Aroma Essentials D-Tan Body Lotion. It is smooth and moisturizing and leaves the skin glowing.

About Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Body Wash:
A light luxurious body wash that gives a refreshing feeling, thoroughly cleanses and revitalizes skin. It works to lift the tan off and restore a fairer complexion. Perfect for use in shower or bath.This body wash uniquely formulated with SPA oils, when massaged onto the skin leaves the skin clean, soft, smooth and fresh.

Price: Rs.289 Available here

The Ayorma Fairness & Anti-Tan Body Wash comes in a green and gold packaging which looks quite classy. The smell is very nice and the consistency is creamy and silky. Once you pour into the loofah it foams on the skin and gives a luxurious feel. The skin is left soft and clean and smelling fresh.

About Aroma Essentials D-Tan Body Lotion:
Aroma Essentials D-Tan Body Lotion is supposed to be used at night on tan affected areas. Most of the tan is visible on my arms and feet. But I choose to apply the lotion even on the legs. And as expected I got a very nice result. The result was pretty quick and it actually allowed me to wear sleeveless dresses during the day time when I was going out.

Price: Rs.450 Available here

Aroma Essentials D-Tan Body Lotion is helps a lot in reducing tan and brightening the skin. I made sure to use a sunscreen on the exposed area before going out though. It is really helpful in maintaining the evenness of complexion.

So this was my D-Tan Ritual during the Navratri. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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