Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review

Hey beautifuls!! You know what? Although I am on the other side of 30, I do not use a proper Anti-Wrinkle Cream. However, I am not saying that I do not need one. I am using the Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream of late, and today I will be talking about that.

About Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream:
Anti-wrinkle cream is a blend of 100% bio-natural extracts that help in to reduce the formation of wrinkles. Through its elastase and collagenase inhibition it enhances antioxidant activities and also protects collagen and elastin which are the fibers that determine the mechanical properties and structure of the skin. It’s antioxidant properties prevent skin from photo-damages which are the leading cause of forming skin wrinkles.

Price: Rs. 375 for 40ml Available here

Packaging: The Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream comes in a white and green outer packaging. The bottle has a plastic white body with green detailing and a transparent cap. It has a press pump dispenser.

Product: The white cream is semi-thick in texture and has a aquatic scent to it.

My experience: As I said I have not used an anti-wrinkle cream for a while, so I was very hopeful with Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream. First I like the sturdy outer packaging and the very handy and easy-to use bottle. The pump dispenser just brings out the exact amount of product that is required. The texture of the product is very velvety and spreads quite nicely on skin. It gets absorbed fast into the skin. I like how soft and velvety the cream makes the skin immediately. It does not feel greasy at all. Actually it provides a velvety base for your makeup to glide smoothly too. The Bio-SPF 15 is also an added advantage. 

Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream is infused with bio-actives extract of licorice & grape seed, thus making it a perfect antioxidant cream. It automatically imparts a nice glow to the face. The positive changes that I have noticed with Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream are a smooth skin with less visible pores, fading of marks and pigmentation. Frankly, I do not have wrinkles to observe the effect on lines but I can see the face looks much radiant and youthful. 

1.Made of 100% bio-natural extracts 
2.Cruelty free
3.Very nice packaging
4.Makes skin velvety smooth
5.Refines complexion
6.Fades pigmentation
7.Antioxidant properties
8.Bio SPF 15
9.Works on smoothing lines
10.Suitable for all skin types

1.The smell can be strong for sensitive nose


Vegetal Anti-Wrinkle Cream is an excellent anti-aging cream with strong antioxidant properties and definite results. The decent pricing and affective results along with very handy packaging makes it a must-have product.
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